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latest pickup thread # gazillion


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just curious to know what the other heads are picking up these days..
my selections:

kelly reverb & sergio techini - for fine ladies only- lone star (its all about the alex peace remix here) woooo
steve smooth & jjflores - discoteca- moody
czr feat. alex peace- can you feel it - texture
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Ebay has been very kind to me lately!

M.A.N.D.Y & The Sunset People - Sunset People - Get Physical
with tiefschwarz remix

Akufen - My way - 3x12" - for insanely low price of $10.00!!!

Marrondonna - Going Out of my head - Funk Wax - (Thanks for the track ID [- FuNKtiOn -]... I found it on ebay for insanely low price!!

Oneiro - SSHH! - Classic

Timewriter - Back From Exile EP - Plastic City

Gavin Froome - Post & Beam Revisted (JT Donaldson & Andrew Macari mixes) - Nordic Trax

16B - Water Ride - (Original & Sleeping All Day mixes) - EYE Q


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here you go...

gus gus - David (Tim Deluxe Mix)

Junior Jack - stupiddisco

chicks on speed - wordy wrappin hood

Chicken lips - do it proper (all mixes)

M. Jackson - Rock wif you (pjack mix)

Peace division - no more subliminal shit (peace mix I like)

echoman - spirit(mooncat mix)

micheal myers -some electro EP...

I've been coping ALOT of electo recently..I likes it alot...I've gotten alot more other stuff mentioned already in other threads (the RDJ soild groove mix and shat...blow media stuff...)
good week:D


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that timewriter doublepack is dirty! i still want to grab that.. i kept my eye open for it but i never saw it... :(

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dj sneak - the gas - white.....cheeky little number indeed! the whole nitrous rant is such pure jokes!

roy davis jr - about love - classic......fucking quality track, i am loving the solid groove rmx

fred everything - for your pleasure - 20:20......HELL YEAH!!! great track, nice dub, and the inside cut, Got2Give, is fucking FANTASTIQUE!

Various - sampler 4 - bunchlox.....got this for the southern roots cut, although the tony senghore ain't that bad either

zoo brazil - dangerous ep - so sound.....more so sound goodness. this label can do no wrong thus far!

majik johnson & jim baron - all about - freaked.....very nice record indeed, deep and techy

that's it for this week



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also forgot

hogan and larner - nola house ep - aroma

dj ali - show me right - manali

hogan and larner - melody inn ep - afterschool

numatik soul - things happen ep - offset

chris lum - taken by oz - spanish fly

numatik soul - niteflite - offset

martin venetjoki - bitter fruits ep - so sound

guided methods - collective expressions ep - greenhouse

lance desardi - green - greenskeepers

outkast (kaskade boot) - the way - white

ty tek - the voice - dirty blue promo

various - revolutions 1 - low pressings

mucho thanks to the merry men down at those fine purveyors of quality beats, Sneak Beats



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Originally posted by d.code
????? Where did you get this amazing deal????
I want doubles!

Correction - $10.00 American + $5.00 shipping = $20 Canadian... and they're used...

It was in my wantlist on Discogs and this guy from NY emailed and said he had it for sale. I hopped on it SUPER FAST.

I've managed to buy 3 tracks now out of my wantlist - people just randomly email me saying they have what I want.. I've yet to get ripped off. If you haven't set up your wantlist yet on www.discogs.com - Go do it!!! You'll be surprised what good things come your way.


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Slightly diversifying here....

Got these in about a week ago.

Tali, Remix By Dillinja - "Blazin'" [Full Cycle]
The vocal jungle record has everything i like in DnB. Liquid
funkline, smooth vocals, and simply not obnoxious at all!

Phobia - "Future Soul / Mandalay" [Critical]
M.Schwartz & J.Mill Present: 4 Tune 500 - "Dancing In The Dark" [Black Gold]

nice vocals and NICE(!!!) bassline!!! very liquid sounding!
Kenny Hawkes - "Play The Game - Berlin & Paris Mixes'" [Music For Freaks]
The Phil Weeks mix is t-i-i-i-g-h-t!!!
Carl Cox - "Club Traxx Volume 2" [23rd Century]
in particular the Eric Powell mix!
Thick Dick (rmx By Matrix & Danny J) - "Insatiable" [White]
niiiice smoothed out vocally DnB, baby!
Dajae, Remixes By Hoxton Whores - "U Got Me Up" [White]
wonderful re-canting of a classic house track!
George Morel - "I Need Some More" [Groove On]
sick sick sick bassline!!!
Baron - "Effortless Chic / School Disco" [TOV]
Antoine Clamaran - "Rituel" [Congos]
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the new jeff samuel
blame canada - akufen
ain't no fun - snoop doggy dog(cdr)
fred everything on 20/20
new one on offset
not for you - pearl jam
my kind of - jackson's gourmet

ah, some oldies...


Originally posted by d.code
south park?
is it good?

i don't know if its got south park samples in it - there certainly aren't any character vocal bits.

but there is a lot of "northern harmonica" if you can imagine that.

its pretty weird, but kicks ass!


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haven't bought in a while so this past month i picked up a 'few' tracks (here are just some of them) some 'old', some new...

Ron Trent & Chez D. - Untitled
Slow - Lake T'ana
Hird - Keep You Hird *Plej*
Truby Trio - Universal Love *Tiefschwarz/Am
Glenn Underground - Look Inside
Cesaria Evora - Besame Mucho *Osunlade*
Cee Rule - Can You Feel It
Mark De Clive Lowe - Relax Unwind
Audiomontage - Lightness/Darkness
Brother's Vibe - Revisited #1
Stacy Kidd/Melvin Me - Let Love Enter EP
Blaze - A Moment In Time Part 2
DJ Spinna - Music In Me
Ten City - My Peace Of Heaven *Remix*
Osunlade - Pride/Touched My Soul
Universal Love - Ritmo Da Rua *Brian Tappert*
Alison David - Dreams Come True *Afronaught*
Ambrosia - That's How Much I Love You
Kenny Carvajal/John - My Words (Q Harris Rmx)
The A.M - Choose To Believe
Alison David - Dreams Come True *Afronaught*
Magic Number - Sorry *AtJazz*
Pasta Boys ft.Wunni - Free Your Mind/On & On
Donnie - Cloud 9 (Quentin Harris)
Her Song MKL vs. SOY - SOS
Cafe de Flore - Doctor Rockit
Nu Forms EP - Alton Miller
Dont Know Malendro - DJ Gregory
Elle 12" - DJ Gregory
Faya Combo Cuts Vol 1 - DJ Gregory
Squire For Hire - Nathan Haines
Right By Your Side - Nathan Haines
Morena *K.Dope* - Mafikizolo
Dreams Come True *Afronaught* - Alison David
Dont You Go Away - Liquid People
Attend - DJ Gregory
Rock Wit U *Osunlade* - Jazzy Jeff
A Moment In Time Part 2 - Blaze
Thats How Much I Love You - Ambrosia
Unfinished Business - No Tenshun
Summertime Blues - Dino and Terry
Clear Vision E.P. - ADNY
Work(K.Dope/DJ Gregry Rmxs) - MAW
Mari Ye Phepha - Bongo Maffin
Natural High - Ive Mendes



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Disco Agents "West Side Groove Remix" - Funkteck
Hatiras "Hit N Run EP" - Blow Media

went shopping yesterday at a couple of stores and the pickings were slim.

out of the house I purchased, these would have to be my favs and the only ones really worth mention.
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