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latest deep and funky cd from me.


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No name for this cd yet.

Wasn't going to bother distributing these out because it's under 60 mins, but after much pleading from my brother, and the fact that I haven't done one since January, I've decided to hand these out to any of you who may be interested in taking a listen.

It's a mostly deep mix, gets a little funky at the end. So if you're interested, hit me up with a pm, or email me at control_freaks(no spam)@hotmail.com.

The tracklisting:

sunday brunch - midsummer night - cdr
glowing glisses - on the bridge (larry heard remix) - dessous
mj cole - sincere (miguel migs remix) - talkin loud
gamat 3000 - into this lonely crowd (joshua remix) - dessous
telepopmusik - breathe (jori hulkkonen remix) - emi
jay j & kelvin k - one day - multitracked
rocket - revolution - grayhound
dada muncha monkey - the operator (onionz & master d remix) - skyline
human league - sound of the crowd (freaksblamredo) - virgin
random factor - know you're there (silver city remix) - 20:20 vision


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yo udon, I need another copy of the chillout cd you did please. and a copy of this would be sweet.

muchos gracias.


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Word...Jo, I'll get a few copies out to you..haha..guess you could use a few huh...

Bombay Ray - I'll get the two out to you as well...



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it's all about #3...awesome job...and let me state that your house rocked my house...coffee, tea, anything? LOL

big sigh...this summer has been the best summer of all and it seems by the collection of cd's in our forum that our music is at it's finest...bye summer...LOL