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Late season sale on womens snowboard


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It's a 2004/05 Ride Vista 148. This deck is brand new. It's never been ridden, not so much as a scratch on it. I'd put it on ebay but I'm just too lazy — that and I don't have a digital camera so it's tough for me to post actual pics.

Anyways: The board is worth quite a bit more than I''m asking but becuase it's the end of the year I'm looking for $200 flat.

I will post a full on description of the board shortly:
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Now in its 5th year in the Ride line, the Vista is the choice for the up and coming female Rider. With its assertive yet comfortable feel, Priscilla Levac continues to show how limitless women's Riding has become. Taking advantage of its Biax Glass mobility, the Vista is agile, fun and focused on providing progressive women with the right Ride.

SIZES: 141 - New!, 145, 148, 152, 155
SHAPE: Directional
SIDECUT: Quadratic
CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: 45° Thin Con - Sidewall / Versatility Core / Biaxial Fiberglass / Linear Carbon and Aramid Reinforcement / True Color Sintered Fusion Base / Fusion Tip and Tail / Patented True-Flex Inserts / Dual Resin System

You should be able to google a picture or if not I've got a stock picture I can send you if you want to pm me with your e-mail addy.


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~Loress~ said:
post a pic of it pls
Just google 148 Ride Vista lazy ass! ;)

I'll know if my friend wants it by morning...and judging by her response on the phone a few minutes ago, it's as good as sold. I'd have to pick it up tomorrow evening though.... Just in case, is that do-able Steven?

*edit* HOW'S THIS FOR A PICTURE?!?!?!?!

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good board and an even better price (unfortunately too small, esp for riding out west)

smoothoperator - my lazy ass and i thank you kindly :p


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D'oh!!!! Met up with Steven tonight to discover it wasn't this years board. Totally MY mistake as he stated 04/05 in his post. Sooooo....
It's still up for grabs folks...and it's still a SICK woman's board. My friend just had her heart set on a pink base. :rolleyes: WOMEN! hehehe

Anyways the deck for sale is like this one, except the top is black, with orange/yellow accents and a seashell. The base is a mix of colours.
Here ya go!