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Late night after dancing snacks.


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So, you've just gotten home from a club/party and you're energy-depleted and hungry. You want something quick and easy to eat that contains neither the word "street" nor "meat", that won't sit in your stomach like a ball of cooling lead.

My answer?

Tomato avocado mozzarella melts on sesame bagels. YuM! So quick you can roll a joint, prepare two bagels, pop them in the oven, smoke half the joint (if you roll them smaller than I do, feel free to smoke the whole joint), and VOILA! they are done. Warm, but not hot enough to peel the skin off of the top of your mouth, and just melty enough.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. Unveil your hidden latenight snack secrets.


Yes, I was impressed enough with a snack to give it a thread. I know I'm a dork.


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miso soup, or any soup for that matter. nice and warm to sooth out any sketchiness and requires little chewing for those days when your jaw is feeling less than pliable.

fruit- totally wakes up your taste buds and is good to go when that after-party starts calling.

whatever's left over from dinner the night before.

mcdonald's it's amazing how comforting good junk food can be after a night out (just be sure to get to the drive through before they start serving breakfast)
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Destro Sanchez

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Great thread.

BBB- great minds think alike! ;)

My favourite thing after a night of hard dancing and partying is a toasted sesame seed bagel with tomato, lettuce, cucumbers, ranch dressing and melted cheddar cheese (if available)

My late night, or more likely next day drink would have to be red gatorade or powerade. The taste isnt great, but the rehydration is essential ('specially after a night of Olde Gold and swisha sweets)

And I know it's supposed to be an old wives tale, but if I feel the bedtime spins comin on then I will consume some bread. (toast, bagel, pita etc...) To absorb the alcohol (even though it's probably a misconception...)

My two peso's

Dirty Destro Sanchez the Destroyer


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If it's just alcahol I consumed then the absolute best snack is a chicken leg right out the fridge MMMMM cold chicken leftovers.

If it was anything other than liqour then your best bet is some light pastry of any kind or non-acidic fruit... Nectarine or peach preferably...

Blue Gatorade rocks!