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Last show of 2003..........


New Member
If you haven't experienced the Hyp~Nod~Ic showcase yet then you should try and reach down this weekend Saturday December 20th, as we celebrate the last party of 2003.

After over 2years of non stop action the Hyp~Nod~Ic showcase @ Down One Lounge(49 Front st. E down town Toronto) w/CellDivision has become a premier Saturday night lounge spot, recognized for playing strictly underground music including Hip Hop & Trip Hop.

If your not playing pool or ATARI 2600 then your either chillin out or being dazzled by Bryan's live magic tricks.

Admission is// FREE....

///:the Professor Fingers project EP coming spring 2004. Check out the link below for samples or go to Down One Lounge this Saturday and pick up a sampler CD.