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last semester of school


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and its going to SLOW! first semester went by so fast, but now slow slow slow. and i have this problem that i get so bored staying in one place too long.
so this being my last semester i have a bunch of decisions to make in the next month. i am living in toronto supporting myself on OSAP, because i have no time or energy to work. so should i stay in toronto past april, or move back home (burlington), live with my parents and try and save my money. i know i definitly dont want to be living with my roomates in the fall, and i am waiting to see if i get a job offer in the city.
*sigh* i dont know. any suggestions?
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i say ride it out for awhile- is there anyone you know at school who you can live with come april?

moving back to burlington is cool if you can get a job you want there- IF.


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there are only four of us left in my program, two of them are engaged and probally going to live at home till the big day comes. the other girl might go home to B.C but everyone's plans are up in the air.
its just so damn expensive to live in toronto and i dont want to be working just to be able to pay my rent every month.

i shouldnt really stress about it cause no one knows what could happen in the next few months.