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Last Lifeforce Friday @ Turbo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Finch, Sep 1, 2001.

  1. Finch

    Finch TRIBE Member

    Well that's it kids - the Friday night that we've all come to rely on has come to an end.

    The night was great. Perhaps not what I expected it to be, but it was great none the less.

    Tim Patrick played a banging set that could only have been fueled by the stress he must have endured during the Eastern Bloc record sale today - he was unusually hard, but just as satisfying as usual. I particularly liked hearing him play "Sexy Dancer" - a track he used to play back when Turbo first opened.

    Checz rolled it all out. I'm not exactly an expert on breaks, so I won't get into too much detail - but he sure as hell made me dance my ass off.

    S&H played just like I wanted them too. A set filled with all the classic tunes they've been known to pump at the wee hours of the morning - keeping the last of the crowd going hard. I haven't stayed long enough to catch their set in a long time, and I sure as hell missed them. Nice one Steve and Wayne.

    But the thing that made the nite the best was seeing absolutely everyone that made Lifeforce Fridays a continually enjoyable experience for me - especially when I was working there and had to stay until close.

    Big shouts out to everyone that came out - Futronic, Joanna, PinkAngel, JayIsBoard, Joey, P-Air, Lurch and everyone else that I missed or can't remember their online identity. Except JanICE. I'm not supposed to give her shouts out after she stiffed me on her LaFleche post. *grins*

    So, it's with a heavy heart and a figurative but heartfelt tear in my eye that I bid Lifeforce Fridays at Turbo goodbye.

    Thanks for the good times.

  2. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    Ahh Turbo......the space that once made me cringe (when it was Denile and Jet) turned out to be one special place, however brief it may have been.

    Many memorable moments : Tribe 7 year/Astroboy's 24th bday/porcelain worshipping courtesy of jagermeister....Carl Cox...Laurent Garnier live...Donald Glaude....

    friendships culminated in the dark recesses of the club......

    love it or hate it - you'll definitely remember it with a smile.

    Thanks to the Lifeforce crew for sticking it out this long.

    Suke will miss the left speaker action with the *skins*.

    Chrome will miss the couches.

    See you on the outside.
  3. me

    me TRIBE Member

    "robble, robble..."
    Don't cry for "me" Argentina. [​IMG]
    Guest #1107 signing off................
  4. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    breaks are too slow...

    J.majik is not the greatest DJ in the world...

    just because it is called drum and bass does not give you the right to totally give us BASS!!!!!!!!!!!and nothing else...started to sound like a gino's car or something

    lifeforce fridays will be sadly missed however,i thought it was the best weekly ever!

    bad comapany,donald glaude,misstress barbara,etc. the list is endless

    thanks for the memories!
  5. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    I haven't gotten a change to hear anyone else, but Tim. I was completely satisfied with his set, he did play harder than usual, but that's what made it even better. Thanks 4 sayin' "hi"... you know what I mean. [​IMG]

    Thanks Lifeforce for giving me some of the best Fridays I have ever had.

    Shout-outs to Jason (stranger, I barely hear from you now), my best friend, and everyone there. See you all at iDance tonite!
  6. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    i couldn't agree more.

    the downstairs sound system is total ass, and it didn't help they were having needle problems.
    thank god they're moving jungle upstairs, where we'll actually be able to hear the music!

    and j majik is nothing to write home about...

    major thanks to headwinds for the jager - you were in quite the state!
  7. kul-kat

    kul-kat TRIBE Member

    geez, terrawrist III, you're a tough one to please.

    i thought czech was kicking some serious ass upstairs. at least my ass was shaking all over the dance floor. and i thought j majik was doing a pretty awesome job downstairs as well. my only complaint was when he mixed out john b's 'up all night' so soon after it came in. i was literally waiting for someone to play that track all night, and then i only got to dance to it for 30 sec. argh!!! [​IMG]

    other observations i made from last night ...
    1. torontonians are fucken good dancers
    2. j majik is a very sexy man
    3. mc L natural knows how to mc proper
    4. breaks and dnb match each other well (as in, i really enjoyed having them at the same venue in different rooms)
  8. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Fun fun fun.
    I don't really want to use the D word since everyone who uses it gets blacklisted almost. So I'm going to just say "Thanks for the smooches! ... all of you." [​IMG] My night would've been pretty mundane without the lovely Toronto boys making it WORK! Much love.

    I had to cover the party tonight so I was a little stressed out since I had never covered Turbo before. Btw, thanks for the smiles people! [​IMG]

    AND I was not planning to spend the night with a camera around my neck. So as soon as the amazing J Majik came on, I ran up to the booth and shot a million pics.

    J Majik is one of my favourites so it was amazing to be standing next to the man who I thought I would never meet in a million years when I bought his shit 3 years ago. And now he's asking me for papers!

    That man is so beautiful. All I saw was a bald head heading for my face and in his English accent, he asked me for rollies. I (SHIT!) didn't have any but I was too busy dealing with having J Majik's stubble on my cheek and his sweat on my ear. <---- am I a fan boy or what?

    At some points, I found myself bopping while takng pictures so I hope the pics aren't all blurry. Ah, the power of music. Anyway, I finished my roll and RAN to the car to put it away.

    I was finally free and got there just in time for Casino Royale.

    Czech was also amazing since he brings back good memories of going to London with TBK back in the winter. We totally overplayed it in the car but hearing it live is SO MUCH BETTER! Maybe I was too drunk but did he drop that "bongo" song? I really wanted to hear that...

    Anyway, I was never really into favouring parties (although SOME PEOPLE, ahem, would argue that I am a Lifeforce whore) so thank you Lifeforce for making A LOT of my Friday nights memorable. Even when it was dead, I had fun.

  9. Tripper

    Tripper TRIBE Member

    Farewell to the Lifeforce Friday's. They have given me the best friday nights for the last 2 years or so. Last night was no exception either.

    I arrived at Turbo at around 11:30pm, since we wanted to hit Limelight for $2.50 drinks. Garbage music at limelight, but save money on beer. I was on the guestlist at Turbo, however I never did use it. The line was massive for guestlist. So I decided I would pay cover instead of waitng for like 2 hours to get in.

    Tim Patrick was played a usual Bangin' set. I enjoyed what I did hear. Although I was in both rooms all night and down by the coat check chatting. [​IMG]

    J Majik disappointed me, I am not a huge junglist mostly because I can only hear the same drum beat for so long. [​IMG] But if you ask me, the residents could match him anyday. I have heard Marcus mix "Champion Sound" way better than J Majik did last night. J Majik, way over hyped.

    The man who stole the show was that funky little man Czech. I don't see why breaks haven't caught on like jungle or house yet?! They are so good! Czech dropped a phat set. I heard some old school Prodigy, Chemical Brothers that was just amazing. Hearing tracks off of Czech's tape "Hooked on Phonics" was pretty hype too. When Czech dropped "Supersonic" I was just going nuts. I wanted him to mix into "Doom's Night" by Azzido da Bass, since Dj Icey does that on his Essential mix and it is so hype. Marty Mcfly played it a couple weeks ago at Nightmare: Rebellion and the whole crowd was just going nuts. But it never did happen.

    Left Turbo at around 3:50am. So I only saw 15 mins or so of Strech and Hooker. But they were good as usual. [​IMG] Wow, so now friday's at Turbo will never be the same again. But I am sure it will be just as good as Lifeforce fridays, if not better. Because as we all know Breaks are taking over the downstairs!!! [​IMG]

    Thanks Turbo/Lifeforce for making my fridays for the last 2 years a absolute blast week after week!

  10. ChROmE

    ChROmE TRIBE Member

    The final memory and song for me at Turbo...

    La di da di... la di da di,
    La di, la di!

    You know what, you peep this,
    La di da di, we like to party.
    We don't cause trouble, we dont bother nobody.
    We're... just some men that's on the mic,
    And when we rock upon the mic,
    We rock the mic (Right!).
    For all a y'all, keepin' y'all in health.
    Just to see ya smile and enjoy ya'self.
    Cause it's cool when you cause a cozy conditionin',
    That we create, so that's our mission, so listen,
    To what we say because this type of shit happens everyday.
    I... woke up around ten o'clock in the mornin',
    Gave myself a (strech up), a mornin' yawn and...
    Went to the bathroom to wash up,
    Had some soap on my face and my hand upon the cup,
    I said a (Mirror mirror!) on the wall...
    Who is the top choice of them all?
    There was a rumble dumble,
    Five minutes it lasted.... the mirror said,
    (You are you concieted bastard!).
    Yo that's true, that's why we never have no beef,
    So then I washed off the soap and brushed the gold teeth.
    Used "Oil of Olay" cause my skin gets pale.
    Then I got the files, for my fingernails.
    True to the style on my behalf
    I put the bubbles in the tub so I could have a bubble bath.
    Clean, dry, was my body and hair,
    I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear.
    For all the girls I might take home,
    I got the Johnson's Baby Powder and the (Polo Colonge).
    Fresh dressed like a millions bucks, threw on the Valley shoes
    And the fly green socks.
    Stepped out the house, stopped short, oh no!
    I went back in I forgot the...
    Then I dilly (dally) ran through a (alley),
    Bumped into my old girl (Sally) from the (Valley).
    This was a girl playing hard to get
    So I said "What's wrong?" cause she looked upset
    She said uh, (It's all because of you)
    Say what? (I'm feeling sad and blue)
    She said what? (You went away)
    And now, my life is filled with rainy days.
    And I love you so, how much you'll never know.
    Cause you took your love away from me.
    Now what was I to do
    She was crying over me and she was feeling blue
    I said, "Don't cry, (dry, your eye)
    Here comes your mother with those two little guys"
    Her mean mother steps and says to me ("Hi!")
    Hit Sally in the face and decked her in the (eye!)
    Punched her in the belly, and stepped on her (feet)
    Slammed the child on the hard concrete
    The bitch was strong, the kids was gone.
    Something was wrong I said what was going on?
    I tried to break it up I said, stop it, leave her
    She said, "If I can't have you (she can't either")
    She grabbed me closely by my socks
    So I broke the hell out like I had the chicken pox
    But uh, she gave chase, she caught up quick
    She put a finger in the face of MC Rick, and said
    So we can go cruising in my OJ, and what?
    I'll give you all my love today.
    What? Ricky Ricky Ricky what?
    Somehow your words just hypnotize me
    And I just love your jazzy ways
    Yo MC Rick my love is here to stay"
    And on and on and on she kept on
    The bitch been around before my mother's born
    I said, "Cheer up!" I gave her a kiss
    I said, "You can't have me I'm too young for you miss"
    She said, "No you're not," then she starts crying
    I says, "I'm thirty-four", she says, ("Stop lying!")
    I said, "I am -- go ask my mother
    And with your wrinkled pussy, I can't be your lover!"
    To the tick tock and you don't stopf
    To the tick tick ya don't... hit it!

    It was a good time while it lasted. Thank You Lifeforce

    Great Night,Friends, Music and Memories......

  11. WyGuy

    WyGuy TRIBE Member

    just when the all that bass of j majik was starting to sound a little stale, czech's track selection totally kicked my ass all over the floor upstairs. imo, incredible track selection... now if only he'd stop posing for pictures and talking to ppl running up to the booth, i think he coulda put together a much MUCH sicker mix. =P
  12. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    TP threw down.
    Czech threw down.
    hookerandstretch threw down.
    I threw down.
    you threw down.
    we all threw down.

    Last track @ LF Friday "I Feel Love" by hooker. ETG.

    Wired-4-Sound =====================> Suke
  13. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Been listening to BPT's ALL day.
  14. Kid Anne

    Kid Anne TRIBE Member

    my god. czech was amzing as always. His garage style breaks are cutting edge. He owned that night and singed out in style. The rest of the night was reg crap. Thankgod for czech, his set was priceless. Loved that metallica cover and he threw in a bunch of his own productions. A real artist. He wowed me last year at guv when he played. One of canada's best. I wish wish he was a t.o. res not b.c. Bye bye lifeforce. Thanks for many many many fridays that rocked.
  15. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    me, LibraD, cHrOmE ... you were all there?
    What the???
  16. joey

    joey TRIBE Member


    Lifeforce went out with style!

    It was sweet to see the club packed again (all the tbkers didnt hurt either)
    Czech laid down some sweet tracks, he played such better then the last time I saw him so I was happy.

    Tim Patrick, well he was up to his normal Tim Patrick goodness.

    Big ups to Cheryl and James for the drinks. Big downs to Duncan for the drink [​IMG]

    I FINALLY met janiecakes.
    Soo many tribers.. nice seeing you all!
  17. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    j majik's set was an improvement from his previous set at turbo but it still lacked a consistent energy that all of our toronto locals are more than capable of emitting during their sets. his set started off really well; every dj knows if they want to hype up a crowd, all they have to do is drop the nine and j majik wasted no time, making it his second track. he lost a lot of momentum midway through his set only to pick it back up again towards the end when he dropped the intallex remix of midnite followed by a few dark diddies. his mixing was a huge improvement compared to his last outing, but he didn't really have as many technical difficulties this time around either.

    a nice night was had eitherway. ran into a lot of faces i havent seen in a while and the sketchiness i had become so accustom to seeing was kept to a minimum. a nice night was had and i will have fond memories of lifeforce fridays for times to come.
  18. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Mystical started the night out right for me with a solid set. I ventured upstairs to catch Tim Patrick killin' it. This is the man that made Lifeforce Fridays. His sets always got the crowd movin' before the headliner came on, and more often than not, he's outplayed the headliner.
    I ran back downstairs to catch J Majik. His set started off very slow and I was bored after a little while. I was ready to give up on him but the last 45 minutes of his set really picked up. He showed that he is actually a very good mixer and had a few Andy C-like tricks. He pulled off a very tight mix using The Lizard. Not a bad set overall...way better than the last time he was at Turbo.

    Stretch & Hooker closed the place out with a pumpin' set with a some classic tunes. Respect to the Suke, the me, and all those who stayed till the last track faded out.
    Turbo on Fridays was the place where people came to really party and here amazing music. No attitude or bullshit...everyone just dancin', drinkin' and having a blast. That's why some of my most memorable partying experiences have been at this club. Thanks to Turbo and LifeForce for such wicked Friday night that many of us won't forget.
  19. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    YES and YES
  20. RaVeRGuY

    RaVeRGuY TRIBE Member

    As it was to many, Lifeforce Fridays @ Turbo was considered a second dwelling on weekends. This weekly routine had its final curtain call with a celebration hosted by TO's finest locals and guest appearances by Czech and J. Majik.

    For a final hurrah, Turbo wasn't quite as packed as I expected. But that didn't take away from quite the chillin' night. A very pleasant night indeed to relax, groove to the music, see some familiar faces, and to get your drink on!

    I.N.S. starts the night off with an enjoyable set full of diverse selection. Mystical's set was first-rate as always. (Technical-difficulties aside) J. Majik spinning a decent set (a definite improvement from his February appearance) with some tight mixes and a few anthems here and there. Still this was nothing special. A minute amount of dubs and new material; heard Dilly's "Picture on My Wall" and BC's "Flashback VIP" just to name a few. Anyone know the new track J dropped halfway through his set right before Stakka & Skynet's "Timelines?" (a slow dark track, bass line resembles Dom & Roland's "Can't Punish Me") His set had its ups & downs but things just didn't pick up as much towards the end.

    On the whole, the night was just soothing. So long Turbo Lifeforce Fridays.

    Looking forward to Tdot Jungle.com and Syrous Friday Sessions.

  21. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    Not that hard to please....i dug his mixes,and he was pretty timely...just he kept the same tune on for a long time, the "nine" was on for like 5 minutes!!,his mix on the nightvision Cd is just like that too!....but as an aspiring bedroom Dj, i like heariong treble in tunes that deserve a lot of treble, and frankly he was plkaying a lot of treble heavy hits!....and as far as breaks go,im sure czech is a breaks god here, but I dont dig breaks at all!

    all in all though decent night
  22. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    It's Monday morning! What a weekend!
    Anyways, after hearing Czech this weekend 3 times!!!!!! I have to say he definitely blew the roof off at turbo more so then anywhere else. It was just TUNE after TUNE.. wow, it's been a while since I actually stayed within the boundaries of Turbo until 3am!
    Definitely had lots of fun.

    Caught a bit of J Magik but not enough to make an overall comment.

  23. squirrel

    squirrel TRIBE Member

    i already wrote a review of czech at turbo in another thread, but i will say a few words here. i am more of a house fan then a breaks fan, and i thought czech's set was pretty boring aside from a few good tracks. i sat and waited through most of his set until stretch and hooker came on.
  24. common one

    common one TRIBE Member

    What can I say about this night....well it was pretty much what I expected. J-majik was good but didnt by any means blow me away. But I wasnt expecting him to. I ventured up stairs as Tripper told me I was missing an amazing set from czech. I figured I would give it a chance ( I mainly listen to dnb). I've heard czech many times before but I just wasnt feeling it. I stayed for maybe five tracks and couldnt take it anymore.... so I ran for my life back downstairs. Anyway overall I had a good drunken time.
  25. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    I had a great nite! Czech played all my fav tracks, and had the crowd dancin from beginning to end! Tim Patrick started the nite off proper, as usual! [​IMG]

    Thanks for the memories Turbo ~Tribe 7&8 year (although 8 yr is still a big blur), Donald Glaude x2, Misstress Barbra, Laurent Garnier live, Carl Cox, Dieselboy, Barry Weaver! So many good times....


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