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Last day of classes!!


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Anyone else?

Ah, the day was full of practical jokes, crashing the teacher's lounge for a free catered dinner, and beers on the patio.
Now I'm off to chill in a hot tub with scantily clad women, listen to some beats, and watch the day slip away.

This has been the toughest year of my life...I deserve it.

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Temper Tantrum

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Congrats and enjoy the beer and breasts :D

I unfortunately have three more days of classes.
Somehow we have classes monday and exams on tuesday??

Le sigh.

Oh well. Only two more weeks...

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I finished on monday but I have to stick around until the 26th to write my last exam. ah serves me right.


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good work dave! you did have a hard year, congrats!
my fucking lovely university lost my final end of year big ass essay. if i hadent emailed my TA asking her to bring it friday i wouldve gotten a zero and probably failed the course. thank god i saved it on my computer..


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i have classes all through the summer. and not only that, but apparently york has the brilliant idea of condensing full year courses into three months.

so its double the reading, double the assignments, double everything.

although, i am supremo nerd so i'm kinda looking forward to it.