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LaserVibe- a laser show in your own home!

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Originally posted by The Peej

my god! it's what the world has been waiting for!!!


Now all those e-tards can go home and continue to give each other massages while their eyes roll into the back of their heads.


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LaserVibe Green is made of people .... PEOPLE!!!!

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Originally posted by The Peej


Such a photo-chopped picture. :rolleyes:

They've been selling these things for years at novelty shops and those glow-stores like the one in North York "silver city" place. . .

-ian g.
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Mike Richards

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• A new revolution in laser scanner effects!
• 4.9 mW red laser with 16 pre-set geometric patterns
• Operates by battery or a UL 115V plug adapter
• 3 modes of operation: Auto Speed, Sound Active, & Manual control
• Many images may be created in Manual control
• This compact, affordable laser is great for mobile DJs, home Karaoke, small clubs, and special effects productions
• Uses 4 AA batteries (not included); 9V DC power supply included
• 100% mobile!
• Low power consumption for applications where power is limited
• Laser Diode: 4.9mW
• Dimensions: 7” x 7.5” x 4”
• Weight: 1.5 lbs.
• Supply Voltage: AC or DC
• Diameter beam spread of the Laser Widow™:
From 5 feet - 15 inches
From 10 feet - 30 inches
From 15 feet - 45 inches
From 20 feet - 60 inches
From 25 feet - 75 inches
From 30 feet - 90 inches

<----------gots ya hooked up!!


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I want a laser that can consume a room with laser light and sharks in a tank with lasers shooting into the room. I don't want to be stupid anymore, I don't think sharks should be domesticated, think well about your relationship with the other entities in the universe, respect is a glorious thing.
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Become an affiliate
Hand out "business cards" at raves to fucked up kids
Give them some spiel about this amazing 'vibe' this laser creates
Tell them how easy it is to order online using a credit card
Be sure to emphasize that the sooner they order, the sooner they will get it



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Originally posted by The Peej

"the world's only REAL home laser show for under 100$"

my god! it's what the world has been waiting for!!!

technology pAGE
Rave Reviews:

" I am looking forward to having the laser- it was such a cool thing to have in my classroom for the students to watch with music. Next week I will be using the laser at a national teaching conference in New Mexico. I will be demonstating an intersteing teaching exercise with the laser. " -Elaine


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Like I would ever buy lasers from the internet. If your going to buy lasers, you buy club lasers, anyone with any sense knows that. You people keep on cheking out those inferior lasers, i'll just wait my time AND BAM!!!!!!!! FUCKING HUGE CRAZY LAZERS IN MY LIVINGROOM..like raveolutions had, those were sickness.
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