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Laser Eye Surgery!!

Mr. Magyar

TRIBE Member
It has been done. 20/20. I had my surgery done by a former Bochner surgeon at Lasik MD.

I had another quote at Bochner and it was very similar. In the end I chose Lasik MD for the convenience factor as I could walk there from home. Clearview was a bit far from me and I had negative reactions to some of the tests that were conducted (anxiety related) so I didn't want to go through it again! I also didn't check this post until after, and I would have tried Herzig! Boo... ah well.

The actual surgery itself was interesting and I just went along for the ride. The laser show was fun and it was quite the trippy experience.

Mr. Magyar, everyone mulls this over in their head and think "this could make me go blind!". There's a lot of apprehension about something like this, but really, the technology is 20+ years old and the statistics speak for themselves. If anything, I should give up motorcycle riding as that is a far more dangerous activity than doing this surgery.

Your eyes are a very necessary part of your body and you use them every waking moment of your life, that's why doing this was worth it for me.
Hey, your eyes, not mine. I'm just saying unnecesary surgery should always be avoided because complications can show up anytime.


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It's bugged the hell out of me for years. Decided to just suck it up and it was a lot better than I thought it would be.