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laser acupunture to quit smoking

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Ditto Much

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anyone tried this? my chest sounds like demons have invaded. it's time to stop.

Yup and I still smoke. Laser acupunture isn't even a good placebo.

If your going to blow 200 bucks on it might I suggest buying a pair of pants or some nice shoes you'll be happier about it in the end.
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Laser acupuncture sounds like one of those things where the future intrudes on the medievil.. Sort of like putting GPS on a hammer.

Either way, I need acupuncture like I need another hole in my head.

/quit cold turkey, buy yourself a laser pointer to play with instead.
//Nuke the site from orbit.
///it's the only way to be sure.


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This worked for my wife and one of her best friends. Fuck accupuncture, hypnosis, the patch, nicorette and Zyban... it's all bullshit
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day 4 here, im not using anything but any time i get the itch i drink a glass of water and tell myself the only thing that will make me want a cig is having one.

Two books that really helped (it brainwashes you and i still remember a year after I read them) is Easy Ways to Quit Smoking or The Only Way to Quit Smoking Permanently by Alan Carr. He debunks everything you've come to believe about cigarrettes. Its pretty good. I probably would have succeeded back then were it not for a nefarious tribe member who shall remain unnamed but was particularly interested in keeping me on the darkside.


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If you go there hoping that this will fix you, you're setting yourself for failure - just like anything, the patch etc etc

You need willpower to go along with anything else you try.,


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Your never going to quit unless you really want too...
So save your $$, and use willpower and buy a book. :eek:
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Im happy now that I only smoke zee ciggies when I am drinking zee beer.

Took me years to get to that point.

A pack lasts me a month.


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Lil'Timmy said:
Day 13

I'll get back to you after 2 months though
congrats Tim!
day 5 for me! patch works for me because i don't want my nicotine withdrawls to affect my work or those around me.


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hypno worked for my uncle and my aunt in the 1970's... but that was the 1970's. Now it's all lasers and stuff. Darksided people are immune to hypnotism, I heard somewhere.
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