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Large sample library browser


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Does anyone know of any software that's good for browsing through a large collection of samples and creating a pool?


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iTunes I very useful if you have. Good tagging system. Just create a separate library specifically for samples


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Windows Explorer, just takes a little organization

If you use Cubase it has this feature
Yeah explorer isn't much of an answer, I want something that makes it very easy to go through and audition clips. I like the Cubase pool feature but I switched to Ableton ages ago.

The reason I'm asking is because I was lent a massive binder of old akai sample cds and I'm in the process of converting them. I can just go through Ableton when looking for sounds, but would like a little more robust solution.

I guess ideally I'm looking for something that allows me to quickly audition clips with one click while sorting into a current usage pool. I've come across some Sound FX library management solutions but they're more extensive that what I need.

I kinda get the feeling that what I'm looking for doesn't really exist (the closest being Cubase). Thought I'd toss it out there anyway.

Blue Meanies

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If your using Mac OSX you could easily open the cd and use the OSX preview function (spacebar) and then quickly scroll through the files using your arrow keys (if will play audio files). I do this for samples, photos, everything. When you find a file you want, click spacebar again and it will go directly to that highlighted file. After copying it click spacebar again to continue.

If your using windows than I got nothing for ya :(
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