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Large paintings for SALE!


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Just moved and no longer have wall space for these paintings...

-First up is this urban/graffiti inspired piece. "Hiding Behind Hands". Bought this in Cuba, brought it back and had it wrapped over a frame with a french cleave. Sits off the wall giving it a floating effect. It's quite large measuring 86" x 38.5" (record sleeve placed in photo for scale). Asking $350

-Contemporary abstract painting. Oil on canvas. Picture doesn't do it justice. Thick paint strokes adorn this piece. Lots of texture. Also quite large...Measures 67.5" x 54" (record sleeve placed in photo for scale). Paid $650, Asking $350

There are a couple more pictures on my craigslist ad.

You'll have to pick em up in the Dundas & Ossington area.
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