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Large Format Printer For Sale


TRIBE Member
Epson Large Format Inkjet Printer
Epson Stylus Colour 1520

Also includes:

2 colour Epson ink cartridges
1 pack 16.5"x23.4" Epson paper
2 packs 13"x19" Epson Paper
1 pack 11x17" Epson paper

$350.00 OBO
PM for pictures etc.


From the Epson website:

-Wide format PhotoReal® colour - built-in: cut sheets up to A2 and up to A3 continuous paper
-1440dpi Super MicroDot ultra-high resolution - an unrivalled resolution in both black and full colour printing
-960 cps draft @ 12 cpi, 480 cps LQ @ 12 cpi - high speed output
-20 dpi plain paper printing - even on plain paper, the Stylus Color 1520 delivers great results
For full specifications go here:

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