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Laptop for sale!


TRIBE Member
supercool, uberfamous and good karma laptop for sale (with stickers,
that's right, cool and rare stickers all over the mofo) - see attached

After converting to the wonderful world of Macintosh, Jeff Milligan as trying to unload his production and performance PC. This laptop was responsible for all of Jeff's recordings for the pst 2 years, accompanied him on every live and DJ gig around the world at the finest venues from London to Tokyo and back, and managed the awesome homegrown Revolver Canada label which gave rise to Akufen, Deadbeat, Pan/Tone etc. So you can spend the same amount on a laptop anywhere else or get a piece of Canada's techno history to impress friends and family and/or give great karma to you the aspiring DJ or producer. ;)


$450 or best offer
Toshiba Satellite A10 : Pentium 4 1.20 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 60g HD
- 2 years old
- 100% brand new hardrive
- completely serviced and diagnosed one month ago to be in perfect
working condition. hasn't been used since. service records fully available.

though Jeff didn't post this ad, you can contact him directly for
details to buy it.

+1.416.824.2699 (canada)
+43(0)6769757825 (austria)
+49(0)1623717106 (germany)
+421(0)904949879 (slovakia)
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