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Lance Desardi??

Stop Bill C-10


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well i got there earlyish, and it was pretty slow, i was already pretty drunk, hooked up with the crew to get more crunk and by the time lance stepped up the place was hoppin' and he rocked it out nicely. though i'm kinda noticin' everyones killin' the same sound now, but it's kinda always been like that, i'm just starting to pay attention again i suppose.....anyways a good time, nice spot, nice peeps....


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I was not there but some peeps I hang out with were raving about him tonight. They hadn't been to bed yet which is perhaps another coupe of points in his favour ;)

They were also saying the new sound at Hush was really good. . .

-ian g.
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Destro Sanchez

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^that's the funniest location I've read in a long time, ian.


(re: Lance, dtox went, didn't find out how it was...don't really care either...)


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Niice bash

Great party! Lance rocked it. Underbar has the feel of a house party with the sound system of a club. Keep it up!