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Lake People


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My top live act from Germany. Don't miss it guys.

1st time Canada, 1st time Westcoast, NY again.....
very exciting May, so to speak !

09.05. _ Cabal, Toronto, CA
10.05. _ Habitat, Montreal, CA
11.05. _ ReSolute, New York City, USA
16.05. _ Sui Generis, San Francisco, USA
18.05. _ Gypset, Los Angeles, USA
23.05. _ 49 Dunlevy, Vancouver, CA
28.05. _ Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt a.M., DE
30.05. _ Perm-Vac @ MMA, München, DE
31.05. _ Edit Festival, Amsterdam, NL
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I go back and forth on Lake People.

Sometimes I feel their stuff, but most of the time it comes off as too proggy, over produced and a bit too dramatic for my liking.


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He can be a bit proggy, though for me not in an annoying way. And then he pulls out stuff like this synth noodle: Lake People - For Good (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation] :: Beatport I think i particularly enjoy his shows because he's just some old guy in collared shirt playing with a uc33. Totally un-hip (the exact opposite of someone like KiNK, for example), but he weaves a spell that just takes the dancefloor totally someplace else. Not sure how it'd translate to the world of "international headliner" and "last call" and all that stuff, but it'd be interesting to hear if any of you make it.
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I"m a little touch and go with Lake People, but the tunes I do like, I really like - he's able to create a depth that I really crave......a kind of reflective space which an incredible subtly....I would check em out if I were in town