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Lafleche this Sat!


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Totally forgot about this one
Lafleche inside the Kool Haus (20th) because of the Guvernment renovations...
its gonna be an ass shaking good time!

Smiley Jo

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Can someone confirm?


Who's promoting this?



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Its put on by "Guvernment" itself,
the flyer says that because of the renovations they will be closing the main rooom this Sat and moving it the Kool Haus.

"Join us as we move Spin Saturdays to the Newly Renovated Kool Haus for two weeks, as we put the finishing touches on the Guvernments renovation."

Sat April 20th 2002,
DJ Lafleche (sona, Turbo Records)
alongside Spin resident
Mark Oliver

Sat April 27th 2002
Justin Scott Dixon "Voyager" (Balance)
alongside Spin Resident
Mark Oliver

$10 b4 midnight $15 after

thats pretty much all the info off the flyer,
see you on the dancefloor
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Mark is so versatile and has an insane record collection, those factors included, I'm sure it won't be a problem for him to open and close the night for Lafleche.
I'm positive he won't be on the PVD tip this coming Saturday.


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sounds tempting....haven't seen lafleche in awhile....hopefully he'll play his montreal style house.