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Lafleche @ the kool haus


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aahhh yes, bangin' night.
slammin' beats!
good time!

Lafleche & J-Dub at the Confort Zone tonight
after 8pm special
I think I'll go get the last of my house fix for the weekend.



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The only thing I'm currently missing about Toronto is that I've now missed LaFleche two times in a row.

DJ Diego "Mickey" Martinez at Discotheca Black Jack here in Madrid was lots of fun last night, on a brighter note.

The streets are _filled_ with people well into the hours approaching noon.

*huggles* I miss ya Svet! Dance it up to LaFleche for me, hrm?



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I have to say that Lafleche was definitely an interesting DJ to watch. I thought he should've left a lot of the tracks alone instead of constantly progressing. But overall, very good track selection and really enjoyed as well, Mark Oliver's opener. I had seen Lafleche at Life (can't remember when) and don't remember him playing this way. The screeching was a little to the extreme but some good mixing.

I stayed til about 4 at which point Lafleche still had the crowd going. One thing I dont get about Guvernement or Kool Haus. WHY DO ALL THE GINOS AND BIMBOS THINK THE DANCE FLOOR IS A WALKWAY?!?!? I mean, so many times you are forced to stop dancing cause a line-up of 20 retards have decided to go across the club by cutting through the dance floor. :mad: This is a warning that I will not stop dancing from now on, so if you're elbowed and your hair falls out of place, dont say you weren't warned.

Back to the "goods".....excellent lighting and love the new chill tent. Was nice to see some originality. Miss the old main room though, can't wait to go back in there.


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Geeze Louise....

I wasn't planning on going out tonight. The hum drum of the scene can be quite monotonous. Sometimes the outer limits of this electronica stuff can seem like the old, same old same old stuff. If the shit you are hearing is new to your ears....it can either uplift (see Sasha and Digweed) or it can alienate you into the nearest comfy couch.

Last night this Turbo, Sona playin', French, futhermucker bounce housed his way into the Kool Haus last night and gave all 'yall a run for the money. I don't recall seeing a flyer for this event at all. Now...we all know the Guv is under construction. That being said, many of the lakefront regulars had no choice but to make their way into this part of the entertainment complex.

So....when I walked into the Kool Haus I was suprised to see a packed house. Comfortably packed, with room to dance and socialize. I think it was Mark Oliver warming up. Since I'm not a regular Saturday Guv Guy, I am pretty sure that Mr. Oliver was spinning outside of his regular style. It felt great and sounded good.

Mr Turbo then stepped up and hard housed the joint. I haven't seen a dude work a mixer like that in a while. All hands were on deck turning knobs and sliding switches. The man has as much charisma behind the decks as any other showman. Apart from a few incidents of jumpy needles or inbetween mixes.....you must take notice of the track selection. Call it impeccible programming! Track after track caused folks to gyrate ferociously on the floor. But hey....LaFleche isn't a "house" purist per se. As usual, many other elements were used in the vibrational massage from the speakers.

My only beef was that folks were not all that friendly when compared to the usual dance events in our great city. Hmmph...! Must have been the quick temperature drop from the warm weather last week.

All in all...very glad I did make it out to this. After hearing so much prog house of late....it was good to hear a Canadian DJ with a Toronto following who knows when to represent. Bangin' house baby!

Now...where are the Farina followers out there?
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Originally posted by Pilotboy
One thing I dont get about Guvernement or Kool Haus. WHY DO ALL THE GINOS AND BIMBOS THINK THE DANCE FLOOR IS A WALKWAY?!?!? I mean, so many times you are forced to stop dancing cause a line-up of 20 retards have decided to go across the club by cutting through the dance floor

how do you kjnow they weren't actually walking to a spot on the dance floor where they could dance?

or maybe they were done and wanted off the dance floor?

when you go to the guv, you should expect it to be packed and expect people to be walking around everywhere.

if you hate it so much don't fucking go!


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PilotBoy has a point about the Amtrak wading, it's a review and why do some people always have to use the 'don't go then' retort. Shit can piss you off but you can still enjoy going.


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Im kinda new to this Tribe thing and I'm honestly starting to think that some people spend hours scanning reviews to start some form of argument. I am aware that maybee they were doing one of the things you mentionned but I've eliminated a few of your points "dazed" like this:

1) they were not going towards the exit hence they were not leaving; AND if they were leaving, why not go around the back instead of cutting through the dance floor.

2)they were not going to dance cause those bimbos were wearing 5" heels and were not your typical "I like to dance right in front of the DJ" people AND they were pushing people out of their way as if they were annoyed.

Usually when I'm trying to make some room to dance, I find a spot, crowded or not and make the best of it, I dont shove people.

And yes, I do realize this is Guvernment and more than half the crowd there probably dont know anything about the music being played or the DJ. H2Whoa said it, lots of stuff can piss me off at a club but I put up with it cause I absolutely love it!!! I was under the impression this was a review board where I can say what I thought of a night without being judged by fellow partiers.

And nice touch by adding FUCKIN to your closing comment, made the bashing of mine so much more dramatic. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!


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due to some kind of drama amongst the crew and zone's no in and out policy i missed lafleche's second set sunday night. was it as good as the first? was it as good as his last one at zone? he is one person i would definitely like to see with a monthly residency.

there's no place like zone...
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Da grunj

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My first appearance @ "The Zone" in quite sometime....so

Myka ripped it up between 6-9pm
J-Dub spun a sweet set between 9-12am
Then Lefleche absolutely destroyed the place from 12-3am

Overall, the best 9 hours of house music I have heard in months. And the The Zone was not as sketchy as it has or could have been. It was a really, really good night.


BTW. the new "no in and out" policy really sux! You atleast need some outside time to reastock on cockroach spray!


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Except for a couple of early technical glitches, Lafleche banged out a really good set! Mark warmed it up nicely but I can't comment on after Lafleche's set since I had a cute boi visiting from out of town...