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Lafleche @ Madbar

Smiley Jo

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Wow, what a fabulous evening! I do not regret my decision at all to go out last night and not get any sleep, it was well worth it. The evening had a few glitches here and there, but in the end (the very end) I left with a smile on my face. My friend and I arrived pretty early, mostly due to the fact that I was at an office Christmas party last night, and I had to get out of there. (I stayed to use up my two free drink coupons which didn’t even include everything at the bar, but once they started the “dance” part of it, I knew I had to go… first three tracks: Ricky Martin “She bangs”, that “Do it like on the Discovery Channel” song, and the ever popular Grease megamix.) We figured Madbar might be zooey anyhow, but when we got in, I was surprised that there wasn’t too many people. YET. There was no guessing that this event was sponsored by Benson and Hedges, there were those little screens all over the place with big fat logos. This corporate sponsorship added a few different things to the night. As the place filled up, they started to pass around big platters of ordeurves. I didn’t know what they were, so I passed, but it certanly added to the whole “schmooze” feeling I got there. There was also a really annoying camera guy walking around, interviewing people. Unfortunately for me Libradragon made a quick escape from this weirdo, and I got cornered. I was blinded for like 5 minutes, while he asked me things like “Who are you here to see tonight?” and “What kind of music do you like?” Well, gee braniac, what do you think? I half expected him to tell me to say, “I really like Benson and Hedges, Mmmm!” Anyhoo, Myka was playing a great set, as usual, except he kept having to throw in theses token tracks for the three go-go dancers which made a few extremely brief performances, dressed in different bra top and hot pants outfits each time. Ummm, right. By this point the place was packed! I mean rammed to the brim. Luckily it didn’t get too hot in there, cuz they left door open, but I’m gonna have bruises from the elbows I kept getting. Lafleche finally went on at around 1am, and right from the beginning he was throwing down crazy beats! His mixing was great, I only hear one mistake, due to a record skip., and it was cute, because he kind of put his hands over his eyes like he was all embarrassed. I had the opportunity to watch from right up close for a bit, and it was quite a show. He was on three decks, and the man barely stood still. He started out kinda tribally, and progressed to some more vocal stuff, but the bass just didn’t let up the whole night. He had quite a crew of supporters up with him too, namely John E, and Sneak, who was making the rounds with flyers for his next event if you can believe that. There were some other DJ’s that I recognized too, but their names have escaped me. I wasn’t really feeling the crowd all that much especially at the beginning, but as the night wore on, and people fitlered out, only those who were there for the music stuck around, and Lafleche kept us all dancin’ right til 4am. My legs are sore, I’m tired as hell, but I’m glad I didn’t miss this. It was surely one of Lafleche’s best sets all year. Thanks to those that made it possible!


Smiley Jo

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Oooh, I almost forgot!! I had some partners in crime at this party, Libradragon, Fleaflo and Chrome! It was super great to meet you guys. Thanks for being so friendly, i'm a wee bit on the shy side!
I would have hung out with y'all a bit more, but i'm also real self-conscious bout my dancin', so I tend to blend into the crowd sometimes....
Hope to see all of you real soon!



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Not a bad little event. It definetly seemed like everyone there was there to see Lafleche so the vibe at the party was ok.
Hung out with Miss S. Jo, Libradragon, and Chro-mag-me and the drinks were flowing until Chrome decided he had had enough.

Maybe next time champ!
Suke would have kicked your ass, so you had better get that liver in shape if you're gonna try and drink more than him.

Oh you kids, always trying to outdo each other on the silliest of things!

The Corporate Sponsorship pimp and it's ho's were out tonite. I don't know how I fel about being one of those ho's. It is certainly a interesting to see what happens when money is no object.

Let me see, there was:
lamb skewers
salmon rolls
some other mystery dish

***IMPT*** If you are a corporate pimp lurker, please take note.

***END NOTE***

Can somebody please tell us what they are doing with the shit footage they shoot. I mean, they did'nt interview me once?



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Originally posted by fleaflo:

Maybe next time champ!
Suke would have kicked your ass, so you had better get that liver in shape if you're gonna try and drink more than him.
"Would have" is not an option! I was holdin' it down last night! Definetely one of the better nights I have had in awhile. It's too bad all the supposed hardcore massive members did not attend. When we got in MYKA was amazing me with his versatility and warming us up for the highlight of the night. In the post event wrap up Flea summarized it proper by saying it was a very Montreal crowd (not as hype though). Everyone in there was goiong hard considering it was a Thursday night. When LAFLECHE came on it was madness and you could tell he was totally enjoying himself, as were we! Nice to meet Smily Jo and hanging out with Flea, Daddy Rumble, KYFE and LibraD was a lesson in Hardcore 101. Suke??? Where you at? Can you hear me? SUUUUUUUuuukE!




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I've said it before and I'll say it again :

Small and intimate parties are where it's at.

Loved the energy of the crowd last night at Madbar. Lafleche slammed it down and grooved it up properly, every time.
Lafleche does *not* disappoint.
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