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LADY LINZEE sat march 13 set times


TRIBE Member
They just posted the set times for the members party on sat.
Cant wait to here Linzee and Drudy tear up the main room.

main room

11 - 1 Michael Drury

1 - 3 Lady Linzee

3 - close DJ Evil P

front room

11 - 1 Kenneth Thomas (Rampant, Detroit)

1 ?2 Sean Griffin

2 ?close Mr. Green

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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sorry Timmy.

My bad I couldnt see your thread anymore.

But its a good event, so i just started a new one.

Blame it on me being a neo-triber.


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Yeahhhhhh ... i'm like a kid in a candystore!! :) All my nearest and dearest friends ... banging beatz in one of my favourite places ...

I'm bringing the funk from the foyer to the main!! :) I can't wait ...

Linds x
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