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Lady Linzee, Evil P @ Element


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It was a great decision to go to Element last night. I have not danced like that in AGES! I must say that whoever was throwing the music downstairs (I think Evil P, not sure) around 2:00 and on, it was sickening. I don't even know what it was, tribal, dark... it definitely was dirty and it kept me moving until 4 in the morning.

Props to Lady Linzee and her set, she is one talented dj! Got to listen to her for a while, until she was off and then I went downstairs. The place was pretty busy, even around 4:00 in the morning.
I give this party a 9/10, it was definitely something I needed - fucking awesome tunes!
I give it 9, because I really wanted someone there and he wasn't there...

Anyways, then I heard a Greek tribal track, that totally did it for me, I went nuts!!!!

Nice to see you Joanna as well.

I am glad my friends decided to "force" me out and took me to Element, it was a sick-sick night.
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