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Lady Bass presents Saturday Sessions every Saturday 5-7PM on Party934.com/102.5FM NY

Discussion in 'Internet Radio Shows & Podcasts' started by *+lady bass+*, May 13, 2009.

  1. *+lady bass+*

    *+lady bass+* TRIBE Member


    Lady Bass presents Saturday Sessions takes place every Saturday from 5-7PM EST on http://www.party934.com and 102.5FM in Hudson Valley, New York and features the best in electronic music, djs, as well as exclusive Lady Bass mixes. You can also visit the mixes and podcasts page on http://www.ladybass.net to subscribe to and download an exclusive weekly podcast of the show.

    I'll be posting a link to download the show, as well as the set list every week on Tribe, so keep checking back for updates.

    This weeks show (Sat. May 16, 2009) will feature:
    5-6PM - Lady Bass
    6-7PM - DJ Opel

    Add me to MSN to send in requests dj@ladybass.net .

    Interested in being a guest on Saturday Sessions? Email me! All you need is a 1 hour set, the tracklisting, and more info about yourself that I can promote on the air. All styles and genres accepted (as long as it's not Top 40)!

    See you on the virtual dancefloor! technics1200

    Lady Bass
  2. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    Great show -- cheers to you for keepin it alive and kickin all these years!! :D
  3. *+lady bass+*

    *+lady bass+* TRIBE Member

    sorry for not posting up the links to sets and tracklists, etc. I promise I will this week. :)

  4. *+lady bass+*

    *+lady bass+* TRIBE Member

    wanted to post a link to the podcast which you can download online every week for any sets you may have missed. the podcast gets about 5000 downloads a month and climbing.

    Lady Bass presents Saturday Sessions

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