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Ladies, please recommend me a SPA


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As part of my girlfriend's birthday present extravaganza, I want to get her a day at a spa.

I dont know shit about these type of things, except that they can get really expensive. I want to spend about 100 bucks on this....

the only thing i know she needs is a good massage, and a manicure/pedicure.....the rest i dont know.

She lives at Yonge and Wellesley, so any places near there or along the subway line are best.

Help is greatly appreciated


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$100 won't get u very far for a spa
a massage will generally run u $75/hr, manicure + pedicure $50 f

try concepts spa @ the corner of bloor & yonge - that one should be in your price range
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Bayview village at Bayview and Sheppard. I really liked it, even if its outta the way.

(but it's on the shepperd subway line)


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You can't get all that for $100 anywhere that is decent

That amount would cover a massage and tip basically.
Stillwater is beautiful but you'll have to shell out more than double if you want all 3 services.
A pedicure there can run $75 easily.
The Elmwood is under renovation but still open, and you can get the mani/pedi or a massage for $100
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while we're on the topic, can anyone recommend a good place to my legs and cooch waxed around u of t? student rates. :D

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Originally posted by Kitka
Going there in November with my girlfriends... Ought to be fun. I'm getting the signature massage...


the stillwater has beautiful facilities but i find their massages to be more relaxing than therapeutic

the deluxe pedicure is worth every penny (heated leather massage recliner w/ feet jacuzzi + paraffin). The deluxe manicure also includes paraffin.

the wraps + vichy showers are good

the facials and massages are meh