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Labour of Love aka Summers End - A Review

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Vote Quimby, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Vote Quimby

    Vote Quimby TRIBE Member

    Just got in, and the place is still packed.

    Sasha did not disappoint tonight. I was very happy to hear that he only played 3 hourse last night. Because it showed tonight. He was awesome.

    The opening set by Luke Fair was probably the best I've heard him play. From the minute I walked into the club, he had me on the floor dancing.

    After Sasha we proceeded to walk around the complex. Caught a little of Hybrid. Caught some Ferry Corsten. He was hammering it. Wish I had the energy to stay longer to hear him spin.

    Got to say that moving around tonight was great. They made it one way around the place. No line ups that I was aware of to get in any room. I tip my hat to the Guv crew for a well organised event.

    And it was very nice to be able to take my mind off of recent events, if for only one night.
  2. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    good night out indeed... and due to the fact that i stayed relatively sober all night, i can actually remember most of the night for once!

    luke fair... awesome... i love his style... nothing bad to be said about him... perfect warm-up set for a night like this...

    sasha... he was good but none of those big tunes came as a surprise to me... i think listening to his e-mix from creamfields last weekend 3 times kinda spoiled his set for me tonight... it was quite similar sounding...

    zabiela... wow, that kid has mad skills... i didn't even dance to his set... i just went up on the "balcony" and oggled his turntable skills... his sound is pretty cool... but not really what i was in the mood for that early in the morning... only stayed until 'use only the drugs'...

    as i left i was rather surprised to see how empty the orange room was... i thought hybrid would've drawn a larger crowd... i caught a bit of dj dan at the start of the night and he was hammering some pretty decent tunes... the skybar was pretty cool... never been up there before...

    all in all definately a good night out... excellent way to end the summer...
  3. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    p.s. had to venture through the jungle room to get to the skybar a few times and oh my... how can anybody listen to that garbage?! it's not even music! it's fuckin noise! i'd rather listen to HHC for chrissakes
  4. twist

    twist TRIBE Member

    hellllo ladieth!
  5. twist

    twist TRIBE Member

    high contrast and GQ at madbar. Ahhh no ginos, no sketch out CRANK IT TILL IT'S JUST NOISE, speaker issues. Didn't see Andy's set but he looked happy which was in stark contrast to how he arrived in our fair city. A screaming tribute after high contrast is in order me thinks. Large up the bounce lush.
  6. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    What about DJ Dan? How wuz he?
  7. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member



    Sasha alone blew away his performance with digweed for their delta heavy tour. after the delta heavy party i truly believed that there would never be a party that will top that. but like they say.....never say never!!!

    i believe that if you've never felt true love before SASHA would have introduced it to you lastnight. his set was UNREAL!!! the MOST BEAUTIFUL TRANCE I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there was sooooooo much emotion in his music i was ready to braekdown!!!

    SASHA has proven yet again why he is the number 1 dj on this planet!!!
  8. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member

    OH MY GOD.....i walked in there to get water......ive never heard such aweful music before in my life!!! being a jungle head back from 1990-1995 i was kinda interested in checking out what jungle has evolved too..........no offense to anyone but to me that music is ANNOYING.......if that isnt bad enough the MC made it much worse!!!

    thank god i let go of this genre many years ago!!!
  9. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    great party. It was busy but not over capacity. I'll post more later.
  10. DJ_Science

    DJ_Science TRIBE Member

    I had a blast! But its time for bed so here are my off the top comments.

    Stayed in the guv all night
    Luke Fair - one of the best sets i've heard from him.
    Sasha - Great tunes, great fun, but did anyone else notice the shady mixing from about 1:30 to 2:30?

    James - Holy Fuck, stole the show in my mind.

    Cheers and good night!
  11. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator TRIBE Member

    *snap, crackle, pop* Just got back to London from this event. Had a riot, met some other tribers along the way, and heard some KICK ASS breaks...*sigh* my legs are killing me!
  12. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    stupid comment...next:eek:
  13. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member

    We've all got our problems.

    You just have a few more I suppose.
  14. Crazy Serb

    Crazy Serb TRIBE Member

    Exactly my thoughts...

    Anyway, Richie, you actually made it last nite? Where in the hell were you? We were looking for you all over the place... for the whole 5 minutes!

    And you know it, Sasha is your HERO...
  15. TheLiquidFairy

    TheLiquidFairy TRIBE Member

    I'm so sore.

    Good music all over IMO. Each room was bumping...well the 4 rooms that I checked out.

    The best set of the night [because I didn't catch much of James Z, and I just know I would have loved every second of his set] had to be Hybrid.
    They played for what, at least 5 or 6 hours...hell they were on at 730 when my crew and I left. All I know is, after I caught about an hour of Sasha, who was also great, I headedstraight to the Orange room and danced until I couldn't dance no more.
    I thought to myself, why bother trodding around from room to room, squishing through shirtless squishy men and glowstick divas, when I could just dance my ass off to some sick tunage.
    So many great tracks and so many great faces that passed through that I ran into. I met Kevin..finary... FINALLY! :D An absolute pleasure, as well as my Toronto loves so many of you that I miss! The new Release Records track that Hybrid remixed, sick. I just love the vocals! As well as Love in Traffic, a Hybrid remix I think, just blew me away.
    Anyways, that was my room for the night and it was just fantastic.

    I caught about and hour and a bit of Ferry Corsten and boy did he own the crowd, it's just too much for me at 630am. I kind of wish I had just headed to Guv to catch James and stayed until my crew wanted to leave. It may not have been the right music for the time of day/night but it was still wicked and yes he seriously has some mad skill!

    It was once again great running into many familiar friendly faces as well as to those new including Chicago Kid/Chris, a pleasure meeting. I missed my brother the whole night :(. I hope he had fun...that sweaty borderline gino but too cool to be one.

    I'll shut up now and head to bed...yay rain!

  16. Dr.Boots

    Dr.Boots TRIBE Member

    Was hoping to get a review on Andy since I couldnt make it last night but I guess it was just noise and garbage :rolleyes:
  17. TheLiquidFairy

    TheLiquidFairy TRIBE Member

    I missed Andy C yet again..:(
    I forgot to mention...High Contrast was good times...pure energy in that crowd.

  18. smilez

    smilez TRIBE Member

    got there just after 10 and there was already quite the line but it was moving fast, got in after about 10 min's. made my way straight to the drink and stayed there till after Andy C's set. 5 hours anticipation. although the place was filling up it seemed that it was all the junglists who were the earybirds- no doubt because most of them couldn't get into the orange room last year.

    Marcus and Mystical b2b started the night, as always our local boys threw it down propa, hyping up the crowd for the arrival of the pres. tune selection was sweet, threw in a little ragga at one point.

    High Contrast did not disapoint, he played for a good 2+ hours, lots of new tunes with some oldies but goodies, I made my way to the back of the drink for this set though as once again MC Natural was spewing his gibberish all over the mic. I'm surprised HC didn't tell him to shut the fuck up.

    then, Mr.President, Andy C. His energy behind the decks was unbelievable, he was as hyped as the crowd, and the crowd was definately hyped and rowdy:) he played a short set though, only 1.5hrs, which would've been more disapointing if he hadn't roughed us up for 1.5hours straight so that the rest was welcome. he took us, pounded the tunes into us, and tossed us to the side of the road not knowing what hit us. GQ, on point, hyped the crowd nice, should teach a thing or two to our local MC's.

    around 4:30 started a tour of the rest of the party, the gov did a great job with traffic control, no line ups. left after 7 but the gov and the kool haus and the skybar were still on fire.

  19. smilez

    smilez TRIBE Member

    correction of above post-

    Andy C tore shit up for 2hours, maybe a touch more. and he closed with Flood Light which was a nice twist for a closing track rather then opening.

  20. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    that was a crazy mix of mike koglin's - enjoy the silence vs. wavy gravy that he dropped at the end of his set... i was definately impressed with that one...

    richard raibon... if you'd like to hear all those big tunes he dropped last night over again... just download his essential mix from creamfields last weekend... i just gave it a quick skim through and pretty much every big tune he played last night is on that mix... i think there's maybe a couple on there that weren't played... like dave gahan - dirty sticky floors (junke xl mix)

    enjoy! there are definately some goodies!
  21. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    He was bangin it pretty good when i got there. i didn't expect him to be on so early, but what can you do eh? Walking around was a nightmare, so after a brief visit to the skybar my dancing partner in crime and i planted ourselves in the kool haus for the rest of the evening. we caught the last 20 minutes of dan..twas good.. just alittle hard for dancing imo... bassbin twins sucked. they killed the vibe in that room because the set was way to choppy... then mr. corsten went on. it was my first time seeing him live and i must say, i was impressed. i'm not a huge trance fan but he had me shaking my ass til 8ish

    good music, good company :) = good time
  22. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    I pretty much stayed in the main room the entire night until we all got kicked out of there which happened at around 7:30 or so. I honestly could not allow myself to leave that room as the tunes provided by Luke Fair, Sasha and the one like JZ were just toooooooooo good to pass up on, even if only for a few minutes.

    I thought Luke Fair played a great set from about 11:30 onwards, and he had the majority of people in the room bouncing, smilin' and groovin. Those chunkier driving house sounds mixed in with the warmer funkier sounds went down very nicely with me. He built the night up perfectly for Sasha.

    I thought Sasha was good! By the looks of it, probably not as good as most of you seemed to have think he played last night but still good. As one would expect to hear in a set from Sasha, he played some beautiful lush trancier tunes, the kind that truly do send tingles down your spine. And to go along with the beautiful melodies were those mindbending Sasha styled hed-fuk tunes. He played a few tunes that I did not recognize but at the same time he dropped those same dozen or so tunes that he has played in every set of his for the past couple of months. It wouldve been a little more fun if Sasha had left me guessing on more of the tunes that he played but whatever, it was still a good set. It also seemed like Sasha was enjoying himself on the decks last night as well which was nice to see.

    Set of the night for me, no question about it.

    I love his sounds, proper filthy fucked up drug music in all of its finest forms!

    I LOVED his set. ABSOLUTELY. FUCKING. LOVED. IT. The scratching skills that he displayed last night were unimaginable. His mixing skills that we all know about, you know the ones that would put 99% of all other DJS in the world to shame were present last night as well. I'd also be hardpressed to spot more than a handful of tunes from his set last night (which for me is a good thing). But what I liked most about his set was the variety found in it, he played anything and everything last night and thats exactly how I like things to be done. He dropped some pretty fluttering melodies, threw down some mean twisted ragga breaks, got funky on us, banged it out hard, went tribal on us, and even played a few classics for good measure. Oh yea how could I have forgotten to mention those big fat warped basslines that he hammered out. Plain and simple, Zabeila is in a league of his own. He is untouchable. UNTOUCHABLE!!!

    My personal picks for tunes of the night:
    Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Original) as played by JZ, I wasnt expecting to hear that played out, EVER.

    Chable and Bonicci - Ride (I think this tune got the best reaction of any tune last night, and rightfully so what an incredble tune) as played by Sasha.

    Overall i'd have to say that it was a pretty fun night. It wasnt as big of a disaster as I had originally thought it would have been and I got to hear some very very very cool tracks from the 3 DJS playing in the main room.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2003
  23. GIJill

    GIJill TRIBE Member


    Does anyone know the track Zabiela played around 5am...a Radiohead tune?

  24. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    Oh yea, anyone know who is behind that Depeche Mode remix that JZ spun last night?!
  25. J e l o

    J e l o TRIBE Member


    I need to invest in some proper 'dancing shoes'. mine suck.
    I saw loads of DJs last night, DJ Dan was amazing as was S&H and Deko Ze.

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