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La Poutine Week is coming


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Feb 1st to the 7th is when it starts there are about 40 different poutines you can try if you got the belly for it. My restaurant has decied to take a spin and put our Smoked Brisket Poutine on the docket.

La Poutine Week


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I'd like to see a poutine crawl/week/event that is 'just' poutine.

Fries, curds and gravy/sauce.

agreed. some things do not need to be fucked with. the more bullshit you add to it the more i begin to suspect whether the underlying product was any good to begin with


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Agree. My favorite poutine to this day is from this dive in Montreal called Mammas. They don't even use Curds just grated mozzarella but damn was it good. Pass on the extra toppings please especially pulled pork or fois gras.


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The Main Deli in Montreal makes my favourite poutine and if you're looking to take it to the next level, added some smoked meat on top. Generally, extra toppings can distract, but a bit of smoked meat is in keeping with tradition.


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Something different & potentially fun (and free!)...

Toronto IBM Watson Cognitive Cooking Poutine Event

Discover how innovation tastes.

IBM Watson, a cognitive computer, has helped chefs create never before seen poutine recipes. Taste them at a complimentary event on
Wednesday February 4th from 7-11pm at Snell Hall, St. James Cathedral, 65 Church St, Toronto, ON.

Free event, they're serving and sampling poutine only till supplies last.

More info ibm.com/innovation/ca/en/cognitivecooking/ and Facebook


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The poutine my restaurant has on that voting list is pretty simple which is BBQ Brisket and poutine and it goes together well very nicely. However this is the trend in Toronto and it seems the masses want more then just a straight up Traditional poutine.