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L-Train__Castling__ (Deep-Tech / Minimal / Techno)

Buddy Holly

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Thanks again to Mike Ryan for the space to host this mix. It has a bit of everything in it. It goes up/down/left/right...never really staying in one spot for too long. It has a mix of old and new and tracks from local artists as well as international. It was initially thrown together for home listening but I thought I would share it. Any feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

01) Mark Thibideau “In The Moment”
02) Cristian Paduraru “Universal Interpretation” (Danny Lilwall Rmx)
03) Adam Beyer “Staccato Rave”
04) Klartraum “Untersonnengang”
05) Par Grindvik “Do Us Part” (Len Faki Rmx)
06) Stewart Walker “The Stiff Materialist”
07) Sebastian Koch “Downwards” (Den’s Reconstruction Mix)
08) M-Lito “Personal Invitation”
09) Repair “Dismantled Platforms”
10) Chordian “Closed Eyes”
11) Marcel Wave “Colour Series: Orange 5"
12) Arthur Oskan “It All Comes Back”
13) Neuron “Superburkerf”
14) Cesare Vs Disorder “Smooth Saturn”
15) Derek Marin “Cut The Line” (Eric Downer’s Trust the Line Mix)
16) Secret Cinema “Refuse-d”
17) Andomat 3000 “Vertical Smile”
18) Willy Serrano “Milk Cry”
19) Nima Gorji “What’s The Meaning”
20) Matt Thibideau “Frank”
21) Raganova “Vek”
22) Plexo “Cutech”
23) Dietrich Schoenemann & Tony Rohr “Track Three”
24) Kawabata “Persuasion” (Serafin’s Back to New York Re-interpretation)
25) Arthur Oskan “Reflections”


le bricoleur

TRIBE Member
you've done it again, dude.

i don't know enough about techno to search out proper mixes on my own but I always know that you deliver. you're becoming my go-to deejay for techno.

i find that listening to your mixes at work especially helpful. they keep me from murdering everyone around me.
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