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L-Train - Second: Abduction

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by erk, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. erk

    erk TRIBE Member

    What can I say really? You did it again. Another fine CD. "Second: Abduction" is rammed with a whopping 27 tracks. You're flawless on the long smooth mixes with some nice EQs and tricks thrown in to keep it interesting. The CD flows nicely. Starts off a little mellower or prettier songs and goes through to the rolling bangers.
    After listening to your oeuvre of work so far I can see why you're getting bookings. Keep up the good work buddy!
    Nice covers too.
  2. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    and the boy is getting the attitude!!!!!!!!!

    just kiddin; bro....... LT can rip it up with the best of them.... (close running with CURT)

    and myself.

    LT awaiting this cd man..... cant wait dude!!

  3. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    id love a copy!

    daydreaming was amazing! but i loaned it to my friend (rather he stole it) and now its ruined and i miss it alot.

    he'll be at cavemen in october in a nice out door setting.
  4. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    I have and still enjoy the first one... if copies are being sent of #2 PM me...
  5. Hordash

    Hordash TRIBE Member

    Where can I get a copy?

    I swiped First:Contact off him @ wemf; his set was sheer quality that day it’s just too bad the timeslot was a disaster. I’d love to hear more of him live, does anyone know off any of his upcoming gigs?

  6. Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly TRIBE Member

    September 19th Terror Inc. vs Destiny
    Caveman party early October
    November 1st Terror Inc. Party

    Unsure of locations right now...

    Pm me if you want a copy of Abduction.

    "Third: Re-Integration" is almost finished.....

  7. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    second : ABDUCTION

    second "ABDUCTION" musically describes the physical transformation of LEO into an alien/human hybrid. Tracks ONE throught Twenty Seven are the sounds that best desribe the experience felt by LEO. Several painful operations to LEO's body provide him with powers not possessed by the human population. What seems like an eternity is only 2 days. No one even notices that LEO has dissappeared.

    - LT showing his fine touch- of flow. track selection and arm pumping actioned techno!

    i really enjoyed this cd a little bit better than your first capture LT, tight mixing as per usual, but just got more umph! Nice use of efxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx buddy, and touch of older tracks on this disc... re: warchild,beyer b2, rilis vol.7, ice planet theme-advent etc.....

    Groof - past masters - WU005 want this track. :D

    nice mix LT, this is why i enjoy going back 2 back with this LAD!!!!!

    can't wait for numba 3 buddy..., and to have you out on our show once again :)


    Stewart Douglas
  8. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter


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