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L/F recommendations for a finishing school...


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or a good course that you may know of with regards to proper etiquette. anything concerning business etitquette right up to and including other forms are really what i'm after.

my google search has yielded less than nothing. most couses/schools are for teens.


thank you for any help you can send to my email..

chooch 888at hotmail.com or via PM.

good day. I know...of all people looking to clean up their act! LOLLY!
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Dr. Grinch

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Maybe check out a Dale Carnegie course.
It's not quite proper business etiquette, but it's along the lines of what you're looking for, and I found it to be invaluable.


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book is a good idea.

the reason for a course or school thing was looking something interactive thought this may be beneficial...
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