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kylie minogue concert on much


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just watched bits and pieces of it....

wow looked like a pretty damn good concert..she puts on a good show.. good music... electro-beats.... good dancers and lights...

hmm if she came to town i'd probably go see her!

anyone catch it??


p.s. shes really come a long way since locomotion :)
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pink's performing with lenny kravitz!?
dear god why!? :confused:

screw that i'm not going to his show no more

*plato rips up his ticket



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Lenny probablly won't even show up though
He seems to have a tendancy to do that
I saw him when he came to TO for the Circus tour
It was a good show ... but nothing amazing



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this is NOT a lenny thread..its a kylie thread..

incidentally i went to my first rave after watching a lenny kravitz concert... free too :) he was at molson ampitheatre so i went into the ontario place grounds and sat behind the amphitheatre :) not bad sound!