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Kultes @m Wasser !


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yo hardtekfunk..... did you end up getting that audio snipit ? I was pretty stoned and I think I may have had the music too loud and the phone too close.


The track is called 'Kultes Klares Wasser' REMIX by Chicks On Speed vs. Malaria... maybe The Pit would have it.

Ohhhhh Oh OH OHH .. I almost forgot... you can get that track on the new ADAM X cd 'On The One & Two' !!!!!!!! The CD is fucking killer. it also has adam's very own "long drive home" on it, a remix of 'house of god' and some other funky ass tunes.

anyhow... see ya tonight !

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Adam Duke

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Hey fattyp!
Yeah, I got it - thanks! I'll definitely check in to getting it, but the tempo is a little slow for most situations. You're right tough, it is a cool track.