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Krzysiu's photo journey into DragonForce


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Last night, three friends and I attended a concert of epic proportions. DragonForce!

all right, here is the mighty tale of party heroism in the form of pictures!


My friend Matty flew halfway around the world from thailand to come party with Dragonforce the day before the show. He was a little knackered when he got back and passed out after one beer, Joe was excited for his return. We prepared with a steady diet of power metal and booze. For a week straight, we had been hyping it up to ourselves.


Once rested, matty was good to go! We began the festivities around three on friday, beers in hand, we strove for excellence the only way we knew how... rocking out! Matty has a friend who owns a metal review web site so he hooked up his connections and got an interview with Vadim Pruzhanov, the keyboardist from the band.


Vadim wouldn’t shut up. We suspected that he was drunk at noon. Matty forgot his questions and winged it, but it didn’t matter cause Vadim wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise. Just jabbering away, Matt got the inside scoop on Inhuman Rampage, the latest offering from DF.


Trek came on, so we hung up on vadim to rock out with picard. Dude, we rule.


Joe’s wife Heakyung made us some excellent food for the show, delicious korean cooking... unfortunately, it visited me part way through the concert and I had to destroy an Opera House stall, cursing the name of kimchi.


Endorphins the first opening band sorta sucked. we drank to forget that we were surrounded by fifteen year olds and computer technicians.







Some people dressed up for the concert. Everyone was really friendly and excited for DragonForce on their first north american tour. The Opera House was packed by 930. Sercurity tried to take away my camera and the server had a good five minute conversation before giving me my second beer, so a typical for the staff.
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While waiting for Sanctity - also a meh performance of typical growling and posturing with little stage presence - was setting up, this little hellion of a girl started roughhouse and wrestling everyone around her. She weighed like 80 lbs but was throwing some fierce elbows and jabs.


Coming up from my little revisit to koreatown in the stalls, I bumped into Sam Totman, second lead guitar and backing vocalist chatting it up with the fans. By this point the beers had hit and I was barely walking straight so I declined an interview but he seems pretty funny and approachable, definitely the band clown on stage, emoting his contempt for lameness while shredding a 4 minute solo.


Matt talked his and my way into the front area between the crowd and stage and we got some wicked pics. This shot was right when DF were standing back stage and the crowd went nuts.


Herman Li


ZP Theart


Sam Totman

Great stage show, lots of energy, throwing lyrics to the crowd, running around and metal posing while they did their lighting fast and epically long solos. Best power metal hair ever! Manes, guy! They were obviously drunk and screwed up but since they were rocking out so hard, no one noticed or if they did, they didn’t care. I couldn’t tell, Oliver had to point it out. Good set too, played mostly from the new album, couple crowd favs like Fury of the Storm. I had a blast. Jumped over the barricade when my camera was full to crowd surf and then got in position in front of Herman to watch his hands go nuts. Seriously, these guys are insanely fast at their licks. Opera House sound is always crap, so no point complaining about it. Back but people weren’t dicks about it. the balcony was rammed too. Overall a great show for a nonmetal head like me.

damage done: sore arms from punching the air, sore body from crowd damage, two empty twofours for four guys, ears damaged, wallet signifigantly lighter, totally exhausted.


Joe, Oliver and Matt are drunk metal concert heroes, undefeated in the face of reality!

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omg, I love this is london... thanks for the guest Ev... MICHERLISH BOTTLE FAH EVAH!!

sneakypete, did you go home with that girl?

why not

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MoFo said:
omg, I love this is london... thanks for the guest Ev... MICHERLISH BOTTLE FAH EVAH!!

sneakypete, did you go home with that girl?

is this in the right thread?