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Kruder & Dorfmeister

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OH MY .....
How to describe pure joy, ecstasy, happiness?
An all out, non-stop, audio rush! I was on a complete Trip without any alcoholic assistance or anything else for that matter - just absolutely wonderful sounds.
Totally incredible night at the opening party of the new Warehouse - now Kool Haus!

Wasn't sure if I could make it out to this event (with a wedding the same evening, but I got out early), made it just as Richard Dorfmeister hit the decks. Unfortunately I missed all the opening acts, but R.D's opening tracks had me off in no time at all. He took us through a whole world of Dub - so many influences in the music with an thumping theme throughout, nice and earthy set with a sprinkling of hits from the K&D Sessions album.
Next up was Peter Kruder, who took off from the grounding of his partner and soared into space with an equal share of the pounding vibe. A higher tech feel to his set, complimented what had been sent forth earlier. I would have liked to have seen and heard what they could do working off each other or back-to-back.
Amazing visuals laid down live onto two screens boxing in the central dance floor area, left you washed in the entire K&D atmosphere. The only place to be since the sound in the corners or rear of the club gets distorted and lacks any punch. Fritz Fitzke captured and enhanced the feel of the music totally. Got to love him making a Teletubby dance to the beats!

The night came to a close with P.K dropping "Giving Happiness" which sums up what he and R.D gave to all the partiers (older and young) who had the pleasure of being there. I wish they could have gone on for twice the time.

My thoughts at the end can only be summed up with a
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Amazing party. Decided to go at the last minute with a few trusty partners in crime.
K & D played some really deep house, a complete surprise for me as I was expecting more downtempo stuff.

Wicked crowd and the new renovated "Koolhaus" is very nice.

Easily the best Milk party I've ever been to.
Keep up the good work.


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Very nice. Started off slow and ended with a bang.

Mambo Urbano was so cool and such a nice touch.

I loved my friday night/saturday morn.