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KRK RP8 G2 Speakers Question: what's the bass response like?


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Hey guys. Has anyone used these for DJing purposes? I've got a link on a decently priced pair but i'm wondering how they would do in a DJ set up. It's just for home in my den. The room is about 12 feet by 6 feet. If anyone has used them whats the bass response like? Am i going to need these things right in my face?

Thanks for any info or responses.



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Base response is fine enough, but will depend on your room. Room modes add a lot to how the base behaves in a particular space.

They would be great for DJing at home as they ave unbalanced inputs in addition to the balanced ones, and no amplifier necessary, can go straight from the mixer into these.

Sal De Ban

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i own em. they are great for DJing. good luck selling. seeing as how your room is small, you could even go for the rp6.....