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Kristin Cavallari

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Kristin Cavallari's tried cocaine, she reveals in the March issue of Teen People. "It was fun for, like, 20 minutes, but the next day, I just didn't feel good about myself," she told the mag. "It's a dirty drug. I find people who do coke to be very shady, that they're doing it makes them lie about things. I wouldn't want to date someone who's into it." Instead, she's dating drug-free Brody Jenner of "The Princes of Malibu," which she calls her "first mature relationship." "With Stephen [Colletti], it was like high school fun." That is, except for when he two-timed her with fellow "Laguna Beach" star Lauren "LC" Conrad. "I saw what happened when I watched the season-one DVD," Cavallari said. "I cried for days." This, of course, didn't stop Cavallari from doing something similar to Lindsay Lohan, who she says flipped out when she walked in on Talan Torriero and her in bed together. "She was never nice to me until the story about the fight came out," Cavallari said. "But she was so nice once that went public." ...