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Kris B- "Nightshades on ETN.fm" live May 2006, funky/techy/house/prog


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Greetings, here is a link to my most recent set for ETN.fm:
http://krisb.energyjunkie.com/Kris B Nightshades on ETN.fm 5-8-06 pt 1.mp3
kris@djkrisb.com www.myspace.com/djkrisb
Kris B- Nightshades 5-22-06 pt 1

1. Jon Tejada – Flight to Tokyo
2. Can Costa- Dizzy Synths (Paolo Mojo mix)
3. ADI - ???
4. Jaytech- Starbright (Matt Rowan mix)
5. Hardrive- Deep Inside (Paolo Mojo mix)
6. Subway- Journey
7. Jon Tejada- Paranoia
8. Audiofly- Circles
9. Skylark – Toronado 1962
10.Zoo Brazil- Crash
11.Back Door Hussies- I Wanna Feel Ya