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Kraftwerk vs Coldplay

Andrew Duke

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Just heard that the rumors are true:
Coldplay's "Talk" (their new single)
nicks the riff from Kraftwerk's "Computer
Love" (apparently done legally):

I hadn't heard the Coldplay track that uses the Kraftwerk riff till this thread
came up on the 313 list (had only heard rumors).
If anyone wants to compare:
(click on the green triangle to the left of "Talk")
and if you don't have your copy of Kraftwerk's
Computer Love handy:
(but listen to the Windows Media clip cos the RealPlayer clip uses a
different part of the song).
My wife (knows Kraftwerk, not Coldplay) just heard me play the
comparison and she said "Kraftwerk should sue". I hope Kraftwerk
get tons of royalties from this.
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case sensitive

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It's almost justified, because Coldplay got seriously ripped off themselves.


Coldplay -The Scientist - released 2002, and one of their greatest tracks


Sum41 - Pieces - released 2004, almost identical in terms of song structure and theme.

They actually played a mashup of these two tunes on the EDGE, and it was fucking creepy, just another good reason to hate on the pop-punkers from Ajax.

case sensitive

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Originally posted by docta seuss
not really.

I guess it depends on your musical preferences really.

It also gets back to the old sample argument, in hip-hop, where do you draw the line for example?

bigger discussion that this isolated incidence I would say.
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I fail to see why there is an issue if Kraftwerk agreed. It's about the biggest compliment a musicina can get, no?


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bands and artists bite musical bits from each other all the time. I use to think it was wrong.... but you gotta admit... Coldplay took that riff and used it in a totally different way to the original.. so i don't feel so miffed about it.

its when they rip a sample and use it in almost the same context that really pisses me off. Then there's hell to pay!