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Kraftwerk First Ever TV Interview: Florian Schneider

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Have ya seen the new "Notebook" ?

Crazy packaging LOL

Double Live CD + Double Live DVD + 88 Page Hardcover Picture Book,
all packed up like a laptop...




Winick said:
Its not that insiteful, but at least you can hear the cadence of a robot:



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My Kraftwerk link kicks your Kraftwerk link's ass. Check out this documentary on Kraftwerk's impact around the world:


At 11:50 after the lots of good stuff they get to Detroit and Mojo's nightdriving and talking about their influence followed by Derrick May talking about how 13 year old Juan Atkins jacked his dad's car and picked him up. They listened to Autobahn for the first time on the 8 track in it.

And you see Eddie Folkes "working out" after being awed by an
insanely beautiful early 70's performance. I love how he talks about checking out tittie bars and links it to Kraftwerk. And Carl Craig, et al chilling at home chatting it up after some more German/Dutch, etc. at the 21 minute mark.

Anyway, it's good and although most of it's in a variety of languages the quality is crisp, the Detroit dominant, and the length insane, and the imagery brilliant. I love this docu and I've watched it a billion times.

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