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Korruptor - School Night Sessions 9 (Progressive House)


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It's been a while since I've done a progressive house set, what with all the electro fun, so to make up for it I've shot for the 90minutes and collected up some of the prog that I've been sat on for the last couple of months.

Nice, mid-week vibe that slowly builds and builds. Enjoy

Runaway - Dub, Lovesky
Liquid Motion, Blue Room Project
Beautiful - Deeper Mix, Stan Kolev
Next Episode, Stan Kolev
Transport - 4mal Remix, Native
Automatic Weapon, Max Graham
Ha Pardon, DJ Tarkan
Lights Off - Samio Remix, Loudeast
Shadows, Pablo Roma
Once - Lquid Soul's Whacked Out Remix, Alex Stealthy
Drifting, Fred Numf
Mr Roboto - Stef Vrolijk Remix, MV Hanna


http://www.mixdepot.net/Korruptor/S...or - School Night Sessions 9 (2006-06-02).mp3
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This is a juicy mix. Yet again you've been able to maintain the flavor you were going for thoughout the mix. Subdued, not in your face throughout the mix. I've listened to this one five times now and think it's brilliant. Nice work!!


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Blinding man. The start is stronger than the end, but I'm pretty pleased with the set as a whole. Glad it's getting repeated airtime. That's awesome :D