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Korg Triton Pro music workstation/sampler

Shane Tighe

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For sale:
Korg Triton Pro music workstation/sampler with touch screen control. If you know your keyboards, then you know what this keyboard can do. I cannot type all of the specs and such because I would be here all day. If you are interested, and only very serious inquiries please, contact me anytime. Price 2500.00 firm (I will not make any deals for this since it is like new and the store price is 3200.00 with tax.


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this one ?

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Shane Tighe

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Just so everyone is aware, the LE's and the pro's are very different. The pro is a computer touch screen, and the LE is not. the pro has way more samples and effects, and the LE doesnt. The pro has dual arpeggiators as well as a built in sampler, the LE does not. the pro is able to do one shot sampling from vinyl or any other device, the LE cannot do this. also, the pro has a built in sequencer, and the LE does not (i believe). All in all, the LE is more for the little girl next door. If you think the 88 key is better than 76, or you think that having 88 keys will be better, you are very mistaken. This keyboard has been used by some very big producers, and it was way more than they even needed. the only person who will benefit from an 88 key is a concert pianist, and i highly doubt that they would be buying a triton.
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send pics and specs

can u send me pics and complete specs to my e-mail...also include how old it is, what it's been used for, and if you have original packaging and manuals, warranty...thanks,