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korg electribe ES-1 sampler/sequencer

why not

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good for live use, roland style step sequencer, 64meg memory card, USB card reader to transfer samples to and from your PC, and a metal case.

kind of like a drum machine, but programing melodies and sequencing chords is also possible. look at www.korg.com for specs.

asking $350 for everything.

email me at benjaminb@nowtoronto.com
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why not

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Originally posted by marcinm
can i plug this thing into my mixer and sample live during a set?

do you mean to grab a loop? not really, although i guess it's possible.
it's more for sequencing samples of individual hits - drums, chords, a synth note, a vocal phrase, ect.
once you've programmed your loop, you can adjust the tempo using the tap tempo, so using it as a drum machine while you're djing is possible (and fun).
you can also use it as an effects processor for DJing, which i've done before and works fine.

why not

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Originally posted by tEkKiD
ill give you 2 bills if your desperate and have no other offers :)

good condition?

lets hope it doesn't come to that. a few people have contacted me already, hopefully it'll be gone in a week.

i'll miss it, but i need the money.
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