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Korg Electribe EMX-1 music station - $400 includes 128Mb card & Sandisk USB interface


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"Powered by one of the most advanced synthesizer engines in the world, the ELECTRIBE·MX provides everything needed to create sophisticated dance music – nine drum parts, five synth parts, plus accent parts that let you add dynamic accents to the drum and synth parts (for a total of 16 parts)."

This is an ideal all-in-1 music creation solution for someone looking to get started, and a kickass sound source besides, with great live potential. Almost factory condition, most of the knobs haven't been worked in yet. Comes with original box, manuals, etc. The manual is a tad beat up.

Full info: http://korg.com/gear/prod_info.asp?a_prod_no=EMX1&category_id=2

$400, includes a 128Mb Smartmedia card, which is needed if you intend to use this thing seriously. I'll also throw in an old SANdisk USB->Smartmedia interface that lets you back up and manage files directly on the Smartmedia.


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these now sell for 400 brand new...
on liquidation korg stopped making them moog audio had a pile of them for 400 bucks
your going to have to throw a better deal out there


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$350-400 is a good price for a barely used EMX with 128 meg card and Sandisk USB reader for convenient backup and computer interface. I've seen these going for $499+tax new recently, but never at 400+tax.

Musork, could I ask what purpose it serves you to post dumbass remarks in a FS thread when you're not interested in buying.
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yeah Im just pointing out that what insentive does buying this used give to me if I can walk into moog and get one in the box off the shelf for the same price...
I would be happy to pay 300 for it...as to me that would be fair...