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Kooky Scientist

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Kooky at the DEMF 2001.

I would see Fred again. He rocked at the Building Blocks party 98-99ish.

I think *cough*Fukhouse*cough* should try and do a Plus 8 night.
Kooky, Matthew Dear, etc.

-picture day:)


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FYI: Matthew Dear has just been booked to spin at the March Fukhouse.

More to come shortly.

-ian g.
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bah to yah all.... live and direct what can yah do?

not everyone owns webspace or is a webspace,IT, computer literate technician...

it may not be your standard mp3 quality, but it does the trick.off the hook...no looking back , no stops restarts , better luck next 20th timed programmed material.

i have a quality realplayer ripper that has ripped better sounding realaudio (.rm's) cds than some of the numourous of cds recorded through high quality recording software.

i have no problem with realplayer, however i do have problems with my computer :p

thanks for the link jenny, ill be sure to RIP it to a cd for yah , if so desired....




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What can I say SD, I'm a high maintenance bitch. :D

"You want Lobster? Huh! I'm thinking Burger King!"
Ice Cube ~ I Ain't Tha One

jockey slut

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kooky says..... listen to me Han ma Booky

i dont care what format its in, good shit is worth listening too, and if it means .ram files, so be it, less HD space taken up, although i might grab that ripped CD from jenn, and RIP via easy CD-DA extractor, so much more werk, but meah, who cares.....
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^^ gonna come n handy when i show up with my tower bro, ripping all 30 shows of beats.to dbradio :D :D:p

book me bro!

(make sure its an off day, plenty of alcohol consumption may be involved!) ;)

see yah tonight...

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jockey slut

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Re: ^^ what I meant was...

Originally posted by tekno princess
...isn't every day a "day off"??


i know what you meant

you implying sumthin ;)

i dont know if its technically a day off

wouldnt i have ot be employed, for that to occur

now sssshhh !

-jybot de bauch