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Kona Coffee?

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annec said:
How can this be? Isn't Kona ridiculously expensive?
7/11 has some kind of Kona blend it sells, i think it's like 10% Kona (though i'm not certain).
it's crap.

real kona is like $40 a pound (at least where i live)


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just got back from kensington, got some at moonbeam. I grinded, frenched pressed and sipped. THIS IS THE BEST F'ING COFFEE I HAVE EVER TASTED. worth every penny $32.95 a pound


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I get it...Let's call it Kona blend, and then people think it's good, but meanwhile it's 5-10% Kona with the rest filler...
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jus me

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Got coupons for free coffee at 7/11.

what they sell as kona blend is .... weak. whatever it is.

viennese coffee it is!