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Kobe Beef


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Food professionals often say the greatest beef in the world comes from Kobe, Japan.

Legend has it that the cattle are hugely pampered -- given massages to ease their stress , taken for walks like dogs, fed beer and bathed in sake to cool down -- all to produce beef that melts in the mouth...
chewing is optional.
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Well I haven't tried it... I just heard the legend.

In Japan, it's about $200 a steak at a restuarant.
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The Tesseract

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Legend? Noooooooo......

truth. The japs are crazy like that.

Kobe beef is about 80-100$ a lbs. Not cheap stuff.
If it says Kobe and it's not that expensive, then it's a lie. :)

I've had Black Angus that literally melted in my mouth. Best piece of filet i've ever had.


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I've seen pictures. It looks divine.
Or you could just go to Cumbrae's on Church and get free-range meat.


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tis true i remember seeing a special on tv about it or something... they get treated like kings (the cattle)
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I've had it, it's really good, but not like the hype would have you believe.

If you marinate a good quality piece of meat prior to grilling it, you'll have something just as good.


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I think the Kobe cows are only 6months old...the younger the animal the more delicate the meat.

6months... is that considered veal?

Sukebe Jiji

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Japanese beef is the bomb!!!

Kobe beef is the king, but there are other centres known for their delicious cattle - Oita, Miyazaki, Hida and Yoro are all famous for their beef. One of my favourite dishes is beef sashimi, raw slices of beef onto which you graze a bit of ginger then dip into soya sauce. yum yum!

the steaks are expensive but completely worth it. oh and if you are paying 200 bucks expect it to be around 8 courses and all you can drink beer/ generic sake/shochu. Last year I had a 150 dollar steak and tomorrow I am going out for a 200 dollar a head yakiniku! weeeeee

oh, and Japanese cattle in general are not treated like kings - though some may be. Although they are fed beer they are usually completely restricted from movement. If they move they have to use muscles and muscles are tough and chewy, the antithesis of Japanese beef.


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Apparently the kobe beef die a quiet death

The other beef are frightened to death and so their muscles tighten up and are therefore .. not as tender.
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taste the difference suffering makes


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Japan, as well as other asian nations import cattle embreyos from the same companies that North American beef farmers do.
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Originally posted by OTIS
Why do you ask?
It's my nature :p
actually i'm just wondering...

if someone works out... and doesn't eat meat....well.. how effective is that?
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I eat animalia as well.. but I limit the qty... not type.

I need it.
If i don't eat meat I get really cold really fast.
I can't keep warm.
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