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KOAS 2002 March 1st


TRIBE Promoter


I'm dJing in Vancouver March 1st.
Imma breakz dJ if ya didnt know.

Get advance tickets at the same stores
that already carry tribe.
and thanks
hope you'll come check out my set.

INFOLINE: 604.292.3413
website : http://kiss.to/crunk-it

Marty McFly(to)
The Sorceress(nan),

plus the locals superstars:
Jay C, Cinto, Greg C, Azim vs Tazix,
Jessi J., Frank Funk, dJ oddmud.com ,
Amy, Taz Devil, DJ Phunkstar, DJ Jeri


TRIBE Member
hello I wish i know this thread was up earlier I would have made it over from hippy town ( Victoria ) insted of working at Mt washington this weekend.
are you playing in Vic ( possibly swerve again??) while your out here? if so please post it so I will know orICQ me:
uvic_junglist: 31463203