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Klubmasta Will: RE: Lasor Eye Surgery

Hawk Eye

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I was going to pm you but well i'm new to the Tribe pm'ing.. i've been here for awhile but never really pm'd anyone?

so i got an email from my good friend. I emailed her about information and lasor eye surgery.

here's her reply
i hope this helps

what i know about the laser eye surgery is that basically there are the two types of procedures that you can get. (there may be other procedures, or slight variations, but these are the ones that have been around a while) the LASIK or the PRK. The PRK is the older of the two procedures. (which can be a good or
bad thing) the LASIK is where they cut and peel back a flap of your cornea, then perform the laser procedure which which i think reshapes your lens, then they flip the flap back and let it heal.
The PRK cuts away and removes the peice of cornea, performs the laser procedure and then puts on a contact lens type bandage on your eye. then your eye grows back the cornea.
Pros for the LASIK are that recovery time is much less painfull. Cons are that you'll always have a small break in your cornea that will never fully heal. this may be a problem for someone if they are into really rough sports, like water sports(waterskiiing) because there's a chance that the cornea my come out. also i believe the RCMP won't hire you because of this. Pros for the PRK is that you don't have this chance that your cornea will be dislodged. since it grows back from scratch it heals with no breaks in it. The cons: The recovery time is longer and more uncomfortable. you're basically going to be out of commision for at least a few of days and there's going to be discomfort. for the LASIK procedure you can go back to work the next day. For both procedures you're going to have to give yourself eyedrops four times a day for about 6 weeks. and it's very important that you're dedicated because most complications are not with the procedure itself but with infections later on. like you know, iggy and danny got PRK done and most of this info is from them. they went to a place called focus eye center, i believe. i think it's important to go to a place that's, obviously, recognised and reputable. if the prices sink too low you got to be weary. also, when talking to doctors about your options, be conscious of the fact that they are probably trying to sell you something. especially if they are already affiliated with an organization. In my opinion the PRK is the way to go because the recovery discomfort is a small price to pay for a fully intact cornea that doesn't stand the risk of dislodging.


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Klubmasta Will

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hey, thanks very much for going through all that trouble.

i sent you a PM. if you figure out how to open it, you can read it. :)
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