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Klip! If you're home yet... you're sick!


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OK... just gotta know ASAP! KLIP!! Lemme know, lemme know! How was it!
Of course, anyone reading this as I post it musta left before Funk D'Void... and that is just a sick thing to do... but I will take what I can get!
When I saw this line-up almost bought a plane ticket, but shiiit, Riga Latvia is a long way to come from for a party, and that's where my ass is at.
So anyone... did ya get Klipped?



What a sick party! I arrived at about 1am and I was surprised to find the place pretty much empty. I thought that with a line up like that it would be packed but it was far from it.
The place filled up a bit over the next couple of hours but there still were not many people there.

regardless, the tunes kicked some serious ass! and some hot blond chick kept grabbing my ass.

all in all a great party, it's just too bad there weren't more people there to experience it.

Adam Duke

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well, it's official. I am reliving my youth and doning the offical title of "HARDCORE" once more.

I missed Stewart Walker's set due to previous engagements but I was damned if i didn't make sure that i got there to see Green Velvet.
Green Velvet and The Rejects were stellar. A more unique act i haven't seen in some time. They rocked my electro soul and got that funk pumping.
Marco Carola - what can i say? He spins technically different than anyone else out there. Thought his tracks were sliding more than usual, he never fails to come through with a pounder in the end every time.
Gaetano Parisio (i say bah to the name, the Gaetek handle was killer)
survey says - wow. I have been officially schooled in the use of the EQ's. Wished he let the hammer drop a little more volume wise, but he's definately setting out to form himself an identity within the top techno jocks of the world. An impressive dj as well as a killer producer. BLEW MY MIND.

wished things had of worked out to do the back to back thing, but ah well - not one of my grooves on the dancefloor were lost.

and Funk D' Void - I'd never seen him play before but I'd heard only good things. I will add him to my list of dj's to see EVERYTIME hence forth. He was perfect. Beautiful, creative techno funk. It was so great to hear a dj speak stories through their djing again - banging out has it's place, but not all the time. I could not have asked for a more perfectly timed set. This set carried me through to the very close of the party.

Folks from Blue/Most Wanted: Thank you. I cannot remember the last time I closed out a party. All ass kissing aside(seriously), you folks bring phenominal talent and I haven't gotten busy to that degree on the dancefloor in some time. I wished that the turnout was better for you (lots of peeps, but not packed), but I gotta say that I haven't so thoroughly enjoyed a party on all levels in a long time. Thank you again. It was nice to sink my heart & soul so much into enjoying the music again on the dancefloor.

To the folks who cheesed out and did not attend this party - YOU A SUCKA.

tech care (sleep beckons!),



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C'mon guys, wake up! or don't go to bed yet!

I missed this fantastic party so I NEED to live vicariously through you guys!!!

Out with the reviews already!!!


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wow. soooooo good.

got there early, enjoyed kenny's set, stewart walker started to get things going but Green Velvet blew the roof of the place.

he opened up with 'these pills, these pills, with their thrills before they kill a million brain cells"....that's the lyric, heard kenny drop it once, sick tune, title?????


he blew my ever loving mind. you can not ask for much more from a techno dj.

Gaetek also rocked, exceptionally good, although i would rate marco higher.

funk d'void was fun, was pretty frickin tired by that point having not stopped dancing or sat down since middle of stewart walker's set. so i took a speaker sitting zone out break and then came back and danced to the last half of funk's set.

closed the place.



cracked out.

sleep now.
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Ahhhh this one is for my babygirl Dora....(I wuz lookin' for you to show up....*sigh*)

Well....what a party. This was my first trip to the newly converted Warehouse and it looked absolutely fab in there. There was lots of space, clean, new bathrooms!!, and the security was actually very friendly. (You know...no extra pats in the wrong places when being searched). My only complaint would have to lie with the party people of Toronto .....where wuz everyone?!? The jam wasn't at all packed...kinda busy....but definitely not packed. Do you need a better techno line up in order to represent, Toronto? Are we illiterate out there and we don't read our flyers? Or are the rest of Toronto people broke from last weekend?

Ok...so I came in and my ears were pleasantly greeted by the sounds of Stewart Walker. No records were present....the man was programming the beats as he went along. Very creative and hard stuff. It had people movin'. The big screens at the sides of the stage were also incredible. It should also be noted that the SOUND system was incredibly clear. The highs, mids, and phat assed beats were so distinct, not muffled. Kudos to the state of the art sound system.

Nothing could have prepared me for Mr. Green Velvet. Sure I have seen him as Cajimere many times but never as the personified ego that I saw last night. (I didn't know he did ALL the voices for his tracks!!!) He did "Answering Machine", "Flash", and "Purculator!!!" OMG! The man has the stage presence of a rock star! I was watching a techno performance that was incredible and the small dedicated crowd was lovin' it!


What can I say about Batman himself Marco Carola. The guy is smooth! The party was kickin' by this time and he wreaked shop. People were screaming and dancing. Where were the 4 decks promised with his partner Gaktek? I was able to see Batman....where was Robin? Instead of questioning the line up card, I just kept on dancing.

Out of the darkness as Marco left the stage who came up next? Gaetek!! Just when you thought you couldn't get any higher....just when you thought the sound couldn't get any harder.....just when you thought people had had enough....Gaetek finally destroyed the new renovations in Kool Haus with each bass and treble pop!

Unfortunately I had to go after Gaetek.

For all those who slept on this huge event....you should be sorry. After a while...it felt that I was at a special invite party...a small gathering of dedicated fans.

To all those who showed up....you all know the real deal when it comes to world class techno!

Peace Party People


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when i first saw the flyer, my jaw dropped: an event where i wanted to hear every single performer.

unfortunately, i only caught stewart walker, green velvet & the rejects and some of marco carola.

i was surprised at the lack of people at this event: maybe it's the size of the warehouse that makes the crowd seem tiny.

solice vip said:

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">it felt that I was at a special invite party...a small gathering of dedicated fans.

and that's exactly how i felt. i couldn't wander for more than a couple of feet before bumping into someone i knew.

stewart walker's dancey set impressed me.

i have only ever seen cajmere and never have expereicned the misfits, so seeing green velvet & the misfits live was definitely a postive experience. gree velvet has stage presence and you could tell he was enjoying the performace.

marco kept the crowd going after green velvet & the misfits, and i tore it up for part of his set. the music wasn't as hard nor banging as i had expected, but fit the bill nonetheless.

i've now been to two events at the newly renovated warehouse, and am puzzled at the lack of attendance. perhaps it's the sheer size of this venue that makes it seem like the crowd is lacking. i totally enjoyed the space to move around last night, and a tighter crowd could not be found anywhere.

let's see what the crowd will be like for hawtin & acquaviva on the 7th...



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.


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it felt like a private party, with six 5-star acts cranking out the best in techno for 9 hours.

i totally dug stewart walker's live pa - i was first introduced to him through the links on the board pointing to his live @ Osaka mix (which was swweeeeet)....the second half of his PA was great, he played about 3 tracks that i'll looking to get through mail order :)

green velvet and the misfits/rejects was fun-kaay....surprised to not see the green afro, and seeing them play in a rock format (lead singer centre stage, synth and programmer to either side) ... fantastic to hear him/them crank out the classics!!

marco was marco - pure butttah - by far the smoothist techno mixer on 3 decks - a stellar performance as usual, but he cooled his jets with his crazy-italo-head bob thang

caught the beginning of gaetek's set, also very tight, but not quite as tight and banging as marco

i have to say i was more than a little disappointed that they didn't battle it up - they had 3 decks on either side of the stage, but didn't use the "spare" set....i mean, wtf, to have both of them there and not take advantage of the battle scene was a sshame.

the venue looked great

the sound was mediocre at best - totally muddy in the front half of the room, and crazy reflections in the back half of the room - apparently they haven't heard of sound curtains .... in a space that big, i'm not sure what they can do with sound - i think what they really need are speakers EVERYWHERE and have it digitally controlled, as opposed to quad sound they had which was muddy with a minescule frequency range.

twas a great night - too bad there weren't enough tech-heads to represent .... best techno lineup in over a year, and the place was only half full (or half empty, take your pick)



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All i have to saw is trult rockin'

If you do the Techno thing , this was your party...

Scammed in solo and me up with Futronic...dood if it wasn't for you the party would have sucked...:&gt;

I caught the last bit of Kenny's set...was ok, and since i was getting used to seeing the new renovations i wasn't really in deep focus here...

Walker was doing a very dark techno pa. It was very, very good but no one was dancing cuz it was just so dark. Was more for the mind for sure.

Green Velvet and the boys were sick...this was a performance not to miss. GV on the mic and two boys on synths and keyoard guitars
(hey Jay, i thought only barbie and the rockers played on those things :&gt; )

Alot of goodies...the Answering Machine track was sick...and when he did Flash i was done!!
he did clothing changes and everything!!
He even took off his shirt...ow...Sex-y boy!
Got to meet him after the set, he's a very cute funny guy....

And then there was Marco....Viva Italia!! that's all i'm gonna say...wait , i cant stop there....It was the most banging techno set i have ever heard, jay thanks for making me stay until he finished...when he dropped Trachade, i lost it....absolutely sick!!!

Was great to meet the Tribe peeps
let's see
oh heck, there were more , was cool!!
i left after a couple of Gaeteks' tracks,
had to go...really wanted to see D'void tho...
ah well next time...

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Yes, yes!!! what everyone else said!!! *L*

btw- Discodancer- who are you in person!? (sorry, my memory fails!)

so good to see everyone, and to shake my bum for a few hours *grin*

for KF- "wait... WAIT... I THINK THERES SOME BASS COMMING!!!" - "NOOOooooooo...!?!?!?!?" *LOL*


ps - chicom I'll get you.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by discodancer_j:

Green Velvet and the boys were sick...this was a performance not to miss. GV on the mic and two boys on synths and keyoard guitars
(hey Jay, i thought only barbie and the rockers played on those things :&gt; )

no, no, you're thinking of jem and the holograms.

i loved it when he fucked up and tossed the keyboard guitar halfway across the stage. classic and unexpected.


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what an amazing party! awesome vibe, great people in attendance, and amazinggg music! tthe line-up for the party should of brought alot more people , but the people who were there made there precence known! Green velvets *fuck me dance* on stage made my night, i couldn't stop laughing! i hadn't seen the rejects and green velvet together since summers end a few years back, they were the reason i went, and they put on a great show! thanks 4 your shirt curtis! well all the other techno gods were of course were amazing, and i haven't danced so much in a very long time. see all you techno heads on the 7th for richie and aqauviva!


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I have to say, I was impressed with the sounds at this party. I arrived around 1:30am and must have just missed Green Velvet... no problem, I really came to see Marco and Gaettano pound out the techno... and pound out the techno they did. Marco's set was smooth and well-mixed. He opened things up a bit with a pretty hard selection (not as twisted as some of his production... funkier I'd say). Next Gaettano came on and was convulsing to the beat... kept on tweakin' those EQ's something fierce. Nice to have a birds-eye-view of the mixer work thanks to the big screens (very nice huge screen in the entrance hall-way above the doors also). It's rare that I make it all the way, but I did this nite... A very impressive techno party despite the poor turnout.



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Got to the EVENT at about midnight. Must say, the Warehouse looks great! Massive screens everywhere, and the bathrooms are clean and large. I thought the sound was pretty good as well. Caught the end of Kenny's set, and he was on point as usual. Then came Stewart Walker, whose minimal deep tech sounds really caught my ear. Very nice! Then at about 1am Green Velvet and the Rejects came on stage for a performance very few could have anticipated. Wicked shit! Some serious electro tech flavor. Then at about 2am you could see a young fellow wearing the SICKEST yellow Italian national team jersey ever! That's right, the man of the moment-Marco Carola. Unreal! Skills, tunes, programming, he had it all. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point, and then Marco dropped this wicked electro track that calmed me down, before he whipped us into a frenzy once again. Caught about a 1/2 hour of Gaetek, but I was still in awe of Marco's set. Overall, it was a wicked night of vibes and beats. Bumped into Par-T, dazed, and hardtekfunk. Nice to see y'all. Peace.

Those who missed out---&gt;missed large.
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Scorched Earth

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yeah, everyone who missed out, missed out large!!!! This party rocked...The music was phenom, I ran into a whole shitload of old friends from back in the Phryl party days. All in all, it was great. Onto the tunes.

I came in and Kenny G was on. He was most excellent, smooth as ever and he built it up a bit for Stewart Walker. Stewart was excellent. His PA was cool. It was quite different and enjoyable. Green Velvet were interesting, although I wish that guy would have stayed off the mic a little more. It took away from the music that was playing. Then came Marco. He rocked, smooth mixing and some happy techno, a little too happy for me but good nonetheless. Onto Gaetano...Excellent!!! Dark, raw pounding tek. He isn't as smooth as Marco but he is still world-class. Anyway, I missed Funk D Void but I still had a blast. Looking fwd to Richie and John!!



Rob Selecta

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To everyone who came out and supported, Thank you.
The party was sick, Musically untouchable.
From Kenny Glasgow tweaking the way that only Kenny can, to the Shirtlessness of Green Velvet and finally to the Italian head-bobbing of Marco and Gaetano. Wow, Amazing.

I have to admit though, Toronto your starting to piss me off. People complain about the lack of talent that gets brought in for party's then when there is a line-up like this that holds some of the worlds best DJs, Minimal amounts of people show. This event should have been rammed to the rafters.

Thanks again if your one of those people who did come out.
You Rock.
If you didn't make it - You Suck!

Par- T

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Coooool techno, thank you Blue! There are more and more good tech events happening this year - Yeah it's techno's year 2001.

Klip was:
- amazing line up
- small crowd (why?)
- happy people, nice vibe, Tribers all over
- lots of room to move and dance
- Stewart Walker was good, missed most of it with greeting everyone
- Green Velvet rocked, totally blew me away
loved every minute
- Marco Carola was excellent as usual, nothing but the best
- Gaetek followed and took it up another notch
- Funk d'Void kept the level up, right to the end
- venue was nice, a bit bright though
- the sound needed help up by the stage (underwater or what?)
- wish I had more energy to dance, Italo head bobbing worked for me

Great tunes all night long, friendly faces, an wonderful night - so worth the $25 can't loose with all that talent at one show. Those who had the intelligence to show up know how good it was, those who didn't can kick themselves for making lousy choices.
Hey there! to all the TBK in attendance.


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Originally posted by Rosey:
no, no, you're thinking of jem and the holograms.

yeah yeah i know....i had jem and the girls too...but for some reason . i'm thinkin' barbie thoughts :&gt;

madnezz, jay introduced us....i'm pretty sure it was you!!

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This was the first time I have made it right to the end of the party in a very long time.


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I must say that Saturday was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. The music was slammin' from start to finish. The best compliment I can give to the people that performed is that my feet had a mind of their own, and regardless of how little I had left in the tank, I kept kickin' it out.

I had never heard Stewart Walker before, and I must say I was quite impressed. He banged it out _large_ and really set the stage for the rest of the night. I'm definately going to have to pick up some of his tracks in the near future.

Green Velvet was fucking amazing. The whole set from start to finish blew my mind! And to hear Flash performed live was pretty damn sweet. For anyone concerned about the keyboard that he threw towards the end of the set, it's still in working condition, which is surprising, cuz he chucked that thing pretty hard across the stage.

Marco Carola was up next, and I was surprised that I didn't see Gaetano out there with him, since it was supposed to be the two of them together on four decks. The rumours started flying at that point: "Gaetano's not even here," or "Gaetano's too drunk to spin" and shit like that. Turns out they couldn't get the setup right on stage, so they were going up one at a time. Regardless, Marco pounded it out something fierce! Just when you thought it couldn't get any harder, he'd drop something even harder that made me shake the moneymaker a little harder.

After Marco's time was up, Gaetano Pariso stepped up to the decks, and kicked things to the next level. Harder, faster, stronger beats is how to describe the set. Well, all except for the pesky fact that the volume level dropped significantly on the floor once Gaetano came on. Did they blow and amp or something? I never did find out. Regardless, it was a wicked set, and I totally lost it on the floor when he dropped Devilfish - Man Alive. I absolutely love that track. Sorry to single out one track, but that's one that definately stuck in my mind.

I stuck around for the first part of Funk D'void's set, and it was good. Much different than last time I saw him @ Summer's End. A bit more funky in my opinion. But 6am rolled around, and the stomach was grumbling (sorry, M&Ms can only go so far in getting you through the night
), so it was time to head home.

Again, a wicked night was had by all, and thanks very much to the Blue krew for bringing in an amazing lineup. I hope you don't get discouraged by the less than capacity crowd. I expect to see the place rammed to the rafters for Richie and John, or else there needs to be a head examination clinic for the partiers in Toronto.

It was great to see the Tribe techno massive. I could write another paragraph on all the people that were there, but you know who you are

See you all on the 7th!

-- Jay aka Fut


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I had such an awesome time on saturday!!! my poor muscles....so sore. everyone was great ...especially marco corolla who kept me dancing non-stop. one of the best parties i had been to in a while.


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Hey Hey all you 'tribers'

I came up all the way from Ottawa to see this with my pals from Montreal. It was only my second T-dot party and damn was I impressed. The venue was absolutely massive with quality sound, huge projection screens and a nice chill area. My only complaint about the place is that it was damned hot! I sweated buckets out there dancing my ass off.

But lets forget such semantics, on to the music! I got there to catch S. Walker's last moments...pretty chill stuff. A nice, funky groove to it. Can't really rate it because i only caught about ten minutes of it. Next up, Green Velvet...whoo boy talk about a wikkid set. Weird, funky, tweaked out electro that had me going nuts. A total 'rock show' vibe goin' on with the lead singer on the distort-O mic. In one way it was unfortunate that it ended. But in another, more accurate way, it was good that it ended 'cause next up it was the man himself Marco Carola. Damn, i love this guy. I still can't believe he's only been DJing for 4 years because man he laid down some ill three deck mixes that night. Technically superb i also loved his selection which catered to the italian loving crowd. He'd hit you hard with some kill yo' momma beats and then chill you out with some electro-only to whip you back into shape with some more bangin' tunes.
Next up was Gaetek who pretty much continued where Marco left off with more hard italian beats. He played around on the decks a lot, lots of fader cuts and what not. Technically not as good as Marco, his levels were too low and none of his mixes were exactly jaw dropping. But in the end that mattered naught as the man brought in sick tune after sick tune of non-stop bad-assed techno.

Funk D'void...Rob sez:Boo-urns to DJs that decide to spin minimal after almost 4 hours of banging stuff. OK I'm into minimal as much as the next guy...but DJs, when a crowd is going off to hard tek all night, please don't switch the flow at 5am. I was disapointed even more so because i had heard that Funk D'Void tore it up on three decks with a hard edged sound. Instead what i got was a slow, minimal techno set that killed the dancefloor. To make matters worse, as it progressed it turned into a TRANCE set. Albeit it was dark, somber trance that was far from cheesey. Still i was rather disapointed by its lack of hard beats.

All in all i had an INCREDIBLE night. Anyone remember seeing a tall, nerdy white dood in dock pants that was going crazy all night? heheheh that was me...shouts go out to Anita: my number one 'raver' gal
, to Sluggy & his crew and last but not least all of the wikkid people i met that night (Susan-hope you're reading this, Jenna & Jamie-my new best friends, Amber-nice talking with ya). Thanks Toronto...get more tech heads soon