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Kix, where are you?


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Tina how did you get stranded in Toronto? When are you comming back?

On another note, good news, my finances are in order to live with you next year. :)
Oh the good times ahead.
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Originally posted by Temper Tantrum
You guys are living together :eek:
thats going to be dangerous....

Dave we found a townhouse to rent for next year :)


Who is "we" and where is your townhouse? In Montreal?

Seriously though, where is Tina?

I declare a man hunt!

Oh wait, maybe I should try calling again to see if she's back by now... hold off on that man hunt for a few more hours.
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Please, make the madness stop. Tina's ok, right Joey?

Chee ee seburger.


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lol you nerds, i'm fine. I wasn't stranded in toronto, i just decided not to leave guelph since i was in pretty rough shape after the busride from hell, and had to make an excuse on my answering machine to get out of my ultimate game. ;)

hahha dave is moving in? oh god. :D

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I was just talking to people, denying killing you and chopping you up into bits and pieces for my jebus vomit chile and now this?

I really need better amusement.


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Jebus Vomit Chile

1 cup Faith
1 large Talking Onion
1 large Talking Zuchinni
1 small Talking Garlic

1 kg Baby Jebus, finely ground
2 kg Lord Almighty, passed around and pooped on
1 cup Holy Water

Insert above ingredients into Walking Talking Televangelist™ (it slices it dices it shreds it grates... it even makes bagels), Rotate 666 times until He™ vomits.

Serve in a manger.
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tin i even called you today!!

did you get the message?
it was good

and stop bad talking singing christian vegetables


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I thought you would have made chinese food for the "menu" with your singing vegetales...and chopped up tina and joey...er tina...er

i dunno



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Aw shit, I was really looking forward to putting pics of Tina on milk cartons and declaring a man hunt.:p
Oh well for another day. And speaking of talking veggies.... I'm sure I just saw some of my frozen foods scurry past my bedroom door. What's going on around here? First the fruit, now the veggies, next it will be the meat and I don't think thats sanitary.
If you see a talking or walking veggie, kill it. They are trying to take over and will soon be making us wash their cars and spray them with nutrients.
Well I'm off to go find out what the hell that REALLY was that scurried past my door.

Sorry for getting people all excited over nothing with the start of this thread.:rolleyes: