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Kitchen hutch-$80

Surfer Joe

TRIBE Member
Are you tried of having to open a cardboard box or search under the couch every time you need a glass or plate? Or perhaps you need somewhere safe to store your collection of Full House VHS tapes. Friends, you need a hutch. In particular, you need this hutch, which, aside from a few minor cosmetic blemishes, is in top condition and can be yours for the low low price of not $200, not $150, not even $100 but just $80.

That's right, only four 20s, eight 10s, ten 8s, or sixteen 5s.

It's got four glass shelves, one wooden shelf, one drawer, and two atractive white doors, made of some kind of space-age material that was only ever used elsewhere on the first shuttle and was then reserved for furniture construction.

Here are some photos. I don't have a suitable vehicle to deliver it, but I will help you carry it down the short flight of stairs to your borrowed truck or van. It's 83 inches high x 16 deep x 38 inches wide. Pick-up in Leslieville area. Email bobsexton[at]yahoo[dot]com for more details or photos.

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